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Lyndon LaRouchen hätätiedote jouluksi 2011 ja LaRouche -liikkeen teesejä aihepiireittäin yhteiskuntavalveutumisen aineistoksi

Maailman tilanne on tänä loppuvuonna 2011 vaikuttanut vääjäämättömän lohduttomalta ja vaaralliselta monessakin mielessä. LaRouche -liike on maailman sisällöllisesti johtavana politiikan, ekonomian, historian, sosiologian ja tieteen tahona onnistunut parhaiten kuvaamaan tämän kokonaisuuden luonnetta, dynamiikkaa ja sen taustoilla vaikuttavia seikkoja.

Eilen perjantaina 23.12.2011 Lyndon LaRouche jakoi tähän liittyen hätätiedotteen ja muistutti päävihollisemme ns. Brittiläisen imperiumin (Monarkia-, siionisti-, pankkiiri- ja jesuiittaeliitit etenkin transatlanttisessa maailmassa) olevan valppaana manipuloinneissaan ja tuhonnassaan myös silloin, kun me muut vietämme lomaa ja juhlimme, kuten nyt jouluna. Itse asiassa tästä ovat muistutuksena historiasta mm. juuri joulun aikana perustettu Yhdysvaltain FED vuonna 1913 ja joulun aikana syttynyt I maailmansota.

Tänä jouluna on vakavana vaarana Brittiläisen imperiumin juonimana Kolmannen maailmansodan syttyminen Lähi-Itään tahallaan sitä varten orkestroidun kaaoksen kärjistymisen kautta! On vaarana, että se voi eskaloitua jopa ydinsodaksi USA:n ja Venäjän - Kiinan väleillä!... Tästä LaRouche -liike varoittaa pontevasti ja sanoo päättäväisesti torjunta- ja parannuskeinoja siihen sekä sen taustalla oleviin kaikkiin aikamme polttaviin ongelmiin.

Niinpä tämän myötä otan tähän teille joulun pyhiksi tutustuttavaksi ja kinkun kanssa sulateltavaksi viime aikaisia LaRouche -liikkeen videosisältöjä aihepiireittäin. Olen sommitellut videot aihepiireittäin ja jokaisen videon kohdalla olen lainannut saatavilla olleen englanninkielisen kuvauksen kustakin sisällöstä. Ensimmäisenä tuo Lyndon LaRouchen eilinen hätätiedotus -->

Lyndon LaRouchen hätätiedotus maailman tilanteen takia --> Lyndon LaRouche Emergency Broadcast: "As the world sits on the eve of the looming breakout of thermonuclear war and economic meltdown, Lyndon LaRouche made an emergency international broadcast, calling for immediate action to remove Barack Obama from office, by purely constitutional means, as the only act which can guarantee the avoidance of a global nuclear holocaust in the very near term.".

Täydentäviä uusimpia raportteja --> Morning Overview: Get Out and Organize!, World In Review · December 23, 2011 ja One Fist to Stop WWIII - New Jersey, Boston.

Päävihollisemme (Brittiläinen imperiumi) luonnehdintaa viimeisen 100 vuoden ajalta (Tausta-aineistoksi dokumentit; Firewall: In Defense of the Nation State ja 1932: Speak Not of Parties But of Universal Principles) -->

Who We Fight: Episode I: "Americans only fight wars to end them, and to secure a peace as soon as possible. The British Empire never seeks peace, and, since the 1763 Treaty of Paris, their policy has always been for endless wars. This strategy pervades the tactics of the Empire.",

Who We Fight: Episode II: "In this second Episode of the Mini-Series, Who We Fight, we look at the shift from what would have been the continued legacy of Franklin Roosevelt, through his Vice President Henry Wallace, to the British installed puppet, Harry S Truman.",

Who We Fight Trailer: Episode III: "The Trailer for the Concluding section of the Who We Fight Series." --> Kolmas osa ilmestyy huomenna sunnuntaina 25.12.2011 --> Nyt trilogian kolmas osa on ilmestynyt: Who We Fight, Episode III: The Organization Children: "In this third and final installment of the Who We Fight Series, we look at the relationship between John F. Kennedy and the WWII generation in fighting the British Empire.".

Päävihollisemme (Brittiläinen imperiumi) aiheuttamia tuhoja ja rapautumisprosesseja -->

The Euro: Designed to Fail: "The Trans-Atlantic system has come to the point where the failure to have rejected what Thatcher, Mitterand and Bush Sr. had imposed 20 years ago on Europe, has not only brought about the looming full disintegration of the Trans-Atlantic region, but that reality is driving the Empire that created it, into engaging the United States, Russia, China and the world into thermo-nuclear war.",

British War of Thermonuclear Genocide: "The British Empire has always used famine, pestilence, and war to cull the human population. WWI killed at least 35 million people. WWII killed 60 million. But the intended death toll of a thermonuclear World War III is on the scale of several billion. As long as Obama remains in the White House, this global holocaust is virtually guaranteed.",

A Modern Famine is the British Policy: "The unholy trinity of war, pestilence, and famine, are the tools by which the British empire would destroy any opposition to their failed system. By adopting the system of British free trade, the so-called first world is now ripe to suffer the worst famine civilization has ever known.".

LaRouche -liikkeen strategisia politiikan teesejä -->

Exclusive EIR Interview with Col. Lawrence Wilkerson: "In an exclusive EIR interview Jeff Steinberg interviews Col. Lawrence Wilkerson on the coming threat of war, who is involved and what we need to do immediately to return to our republican principles.",

Presidential Strategy Discussion: "Anna Shavin (LPACTV) and Liona Fan-Chiang of (LPAC Basement Team) discuss Lyndon LaRouche's paper 'End of World Wars' with Candidates Kesha Rogers(TX) and Summer Shields (CA).".

LaRouche -liikkeen tähdentämä Barack Obaman viraltapano osana päävihollisemme (Brittiläinen imperiumi) kätyritoiminnan lamauttamista -->

The Case For Impeachment: "LaRouchePAC finds the current occupant of the White House, Barack Hussein Obama, guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors in violation of the United States Federal Constitution -- offenses for which he must immediately be impeached.",

The Brainwashing of Rudolf Hess: "The brainwashing of Rudolf Hess by the British Empire is an important case for understanding Barack Obama's Nero Complex.".

LaRouche -liikkeen puolustuspoliittisia ja rauhaa edesauttavia strategisia näkemyksiä -->

The Lesson of Pearl Harbor: "There are times in history where a nation changes course in an instant; where what seemed impossible a moment before is suddenly possible; times where all predicates of existence as we had known it, vanish; and where public opinion suddenly shifts from complacency to action. December 7, 1941 is one such case.",

Russia Steps In: "With the delay of Britian’s plans for World War III, due to the opposition coming from inside the military layers of the United States, Russia has stepped in, putting it’s own resources at risk, in a bold move to shut down the threat of war.",

Strategic Defense of Humanity: "Were the United States to eject Obama, and to reciprocate Russia's offer for an S.D.E., we would not only avert the danger of thermonuclear war in the short term, but we could eliminate the reason for humanity to ever go to war. Peace, is not the negation of conflict; it’s an active commitment among all peoples to "the common aims of mankind".".

LaRouche -liikkeen tieteellisen ajattelun hedelmiä rohkean mielikuvituksellisesti, monialaisesti ja humaanisti -->

Albert Einstein: “Imagination is More Important than Knowledge”: "A presentation by Shawna Halevy at LPAC Symposium in NJ.",

Strategic Defense of Earth: What You Didn't Know About Viruses: "The revived SDI, now known as Russia's Strategic Defense of Earth, is a strategic flank to the current threat of world war. But the implications go far beyond nuclear deterrence, and allows us to make positive scientific breakthroughs in cosmic phenomena in the large and in the very small. In this episode we introduce you to a refined notion of viruses, as a potential experimental ground if the SDE is adopted.",

Kepler 22-B and Universal Life: "Is life really limited to some "Goldilocks Zone"? The recent discovery of Kepler 22-B, a planet some think may harbor life based on its situation inside of the "habitable zone," should rather be looked at from the standpoint of the discussion in Lyndon LaRouche's recent reports, such as The End of World Wars:" ... Consider such cases as the attempt to measure the principles of, respectively, life, and human creativity as such, as V.I. Vernadsky treats the respectively distinct principles of the Biosphere and the Noösphere. How could such 'magnitudes' as those be measured as inherently substances of direct sense-perception per se?"",

What is Mankind’s Destiny in Space?: "Mankind's evolutionary right to move into solar and galactic space is being denied by the Zeus-like policies of the Obama administration and therefore he must be impeached.",

Solar Flares, Asteroids, and Why We Need a Trillion People.

LaRouche -liikkeen filosofisia näkemyksiä osana humaania tiedettä ja ekonomiaa -->

The Reality of Metaphor: "At a Nov 12, 2011 town meeting in Pittsburgh featuring candidates Diane Sare and Bill Roberts, basement team member Jason Ross offered remarks on the reality of metaphor, briefly addressing the concept of potential, and indicating why metaphor is the most real and crucial aspect of language.",

Basement Mail Bag: On Metaphor: "In this installment of the Basement Mail Bag, host Ed Hamler and Basement member Jason Ross answer questions that were e-mailed from our national and international audience. This week features questions based on Ross' two latest videos Riemann II(a): Potential and Metaphor and Riemann II(b): Abelian Functions, on the important role that metaphor plays in illustrating concepts of science and economics.",

Credit and Cognitive Time: Mankind as the Immortal Species: "Scientist Sky Shields, leader of the LaRouche Movement Basement Team, challenges the common (and not so common) assumptions of what time is. After exhausting a number of paths, volunteered by the audience, Sky takes a sharp turn, to the development of human languages, the Credit System - and Immortality.".

LaRouche -liikkeen promotoima fyysisen ekonomian (Reaalitalous) tähdellisyys osana ihmiskunnan elinalustan rakentamista ja kehittämistä -->

NAWAPA1964: "The true story of the fight for NAWAPA, spanning the 60s and early 70s, as told through the words of Utah's Senator Frank Moss.",

JFK Speeches Toward a Nation Wide TVA: "To better understand the significance of NAWAPA 1964, LaRouchePAC presents to you the memory of JFK, by means of six speeches on the subject of national resources. In this period of national amnesia, and on the eve of general war to which our nation is being dragged by this same amnesia, remember our last expression of national pride, John F. Kennedy; remember through these films a legacy which is your own, even if you are unaware of that fact.",

Breaking the Ice on Arctic Development: "Michelle Fuchs reports on two sides of a potential global perspective for Arctic Development. The first is an update on Russia's planned Arctic City, dubbed "Umka" and the second is the planned expansion of Ireland's River Shannon Estuary. Also: the US just decommissioned its only icebreakers.",

Basement Mail-Bag: Arctic Development: "In the first installment of the Basement Mail-Bag, host Ed Hamler and Basement member Peter Martinson answer questions that were E-mailed from our international audience. This week features questions on Arctic Development, the necessity to work with Russia on their Strategic Defense of Earth policy, and the role of creative life in the Universe.",

Argentina Defies the Trans-Atlantic System: "As the entirety of the Transatlantic system plunges into economic breakdown and the threat of a third World War, one nation in the Americas is expressing a different orientation.".

LaRouche -liikkeen tiedeyhteisön webcast joulukuun 17. päivältä syventävänä tausta-aineistona LaRouche -liikkeen politiikan, ekonomian, tieteen ja sosiologian teeseille -->

Introduction & Keynote - Sky Shields: "After a strategic report from Matthew Ogden, as an introduction to this live, International webcast, Sky Shields presents physical economics policy and discusses how the development of the Arctic stands as a choice for humanity, to break from the threat of thermonuclear extinction under Obama.",

Keynote - Cody Jones: "Cody Jones continues the discussion with more breakthroughs in the understanding of the mind and its role in the creative development of the universe, the true domain of physical economy. The nature of the galaxy as we currently understand it is explored through the scientific method of J. S. Bach.",

Q1 - Solar Activity and Earthquakes: "Does Solar activity equal tectonic activity? Or, is a refinement of this question required in order to understand the cause of earthquakes?",

Q2 - Stopping the Extinction of Human Civilization: "Sergey Pulinets asks: Could the low moral level of world leaders and their inability to deal with the world's crisis cause the extinction of civilization? Also, Sam Little and Hal Cooper ask: What can we do from the United States to foster development between the United States and our Canadian and Russian neighbors?",

Q3 - Schumann Resonance and Politics: "Summer Shields asks: If mankind as a whole developed biologically under a very specific electromagnetic frequency bandwidth, then is there something more to the concept of prescience or intuition? Is creative discover a universal process connected with electricity or magnetism? What does this say about human morality?",

Q4 - Metaphor and Creativity: "LaRouche Democrat Diane Sare asks about written and spoken language, creativity, and the transmission of ideas from one mind to another. Kesha Rogers, also a LaRouche Democrat, poses a question about the scientific nature of metaphor.",

Q5 - Vernadsky and Agriculture: "A question from an agricultural scientist in Japan. How can we measure and enhance the energy-flux-density of the biosphere as a whole? What kind of agricultural or social policies should be enacted to make agriculture more productive or creative?",

Q6 - Environmentalism and the Oligarchical Principle: "A former NASA PI asks about the manipulation of global climate data, and the climate scientists who continue to receive public funds despite their criminal implication.",

Q7 - Antarctic Development: "A question from Argentina: What is the role of Antarctica in a global recovery, and how might a scientific Antarctica-based collaboration of nations of the Southern hemisphere relate to the development of the Arctic by nations in the Northern hemisphere?",

Q8 - Physical Time & the Mind of Man: "The Stanford Group poses its question by referring to the difference between the human mind and the brain, as well as the nature of "physical time" in economics, a science unique to the human species.",

Q9 - The Poetic Politics of Immortality: "What is human immortality, truly? What challenges for politics and economy does the galaxy have for those bold enough to defy Obama and the British Empire? Is the ability to have a passionate connection to the geniuses of a nation, and their ideas, across history, and the Promethean application of those ideas, the way to understand non-linear time?".

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