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Lyndon LaRouchen webcast -seminaari 18.1.2012 ja LaRouche -liikkeen tieteen, ekonomian ja politiikan aineistoa

Viime viikolla LaRouche -liike järjesti taas Lyndon LaRouchen webcast -seminaarin, jossa Lyndon selosti maailmantilanteemme (geo)politiikkaa ja ekonomiaa tässä vakavassa transatlanttisessa yhteiskuntarapautumisessa ja oligarkkisen periaatteen tuhoisassa ikeessä. Laitan tässä lyhyesti ilman omia kommenttejani tutkittavaksi alle ko. webcastin linkkinä ja eri osiin hajautetussa muodossa sekä koostan runsaaksi tausta-aineistoksi sille LaRouche -liikkeen tältä tammikuulta uusimpia (video)aineistoja. Nämäkin ovat pohjana jatkon omille kirjoituksilleni.

Lyndon LaRouchen webcast -seminaari keskiviikkona 18.1.2012 - The State of the Union -->

Keynote Address -> Lyndonin alkupuhe.

Question 1: Destabilization of Russia; kysymysasettelu laajemmin suomennettuna -> Miten voimme ehkäistä Venäjän epävakauttamisen ja muuttaa tilannetta Yhdysvalloissa?

Question 2: McFaul Sent to Break Up Russia; kysymysasettelu laajemmin suomennettuna -> Onko Yhdysvaltain Venäjän suurlähettiläs McFaul värvätty hajottamaan Venäjää?

Question 3: The British in Argentina; kysymysasettelu laajemmin suomennettuna -> Ovatko britit (LaRouche -kielellä transatlanttinen oligarkki- ja eliittikartelli Lontoon city- ja brittimonarkia -keskeisesti) epävakauttamassa Argentiinaakin ajaakseen ko. eliitti-imperiumin halua sytyttää Kolmas maailmansota?

Question 4: Environmentalism and Reason; kysymysasettelu laajemmin suomennettuna -> Onko kansanmurhaisen ympäristöaktivismin murskaaminen oleellista saattaaksemme maailmaan järkeä?

Question 5: Economics as a Unity; kysymysasettelu laajemmin suomennettuna -> Onko ekonomia parempi ymmärtää pikemmin kokonaisuutena kuin eri tapahtumien sarjana?

Question 6: Romney the Obama Replacement; kysymysasettelu laajemmin suomennettuna -> Onko ko. imperiumi suuntaamassa kansalaisten huomiota pois Obamasta hänen nimelliselle oppositiokandidaatilleen fasisti Mitt Romneylle?

Question 7: A New FDR; kysymysasettelu laajemmin suomennettuna -> Kuinka voimme äänestää valtaan uuden "FDR":n eli "Franklin D. Rooseveltin"?

Tausta-aineistoa LaRouche -liikkeen maailmankuvaymmärryksestä -->

Viikkoraportti: LPAC Weekly Report 26.1.2012 ja LPAC Weekly Report 11.1.2012.

Lyndon LaRouchen strateginen arvio: "The Only Issue Is Revolution" · Lyndon LaRouche · January 21, 2012.

Lyndon LaRouchen vastaus professori Bao Shixuin hänelle esittämään kysymykseen: Response on Threat of War.


Weather Report - Featuring Candidate Dave Christie: "Our neighborhood in the Galaxy has suddenly flared up. We present the recent solar flare activity and coronal mass ejections from the Sun over the past two weeks, generating geomagnetic storms and a solar radiation storm Earth. Simultaneously, there was an explosion of both earthquakes and stormy weather. We must look at this period, as one in which storm activity has jumped dramatically in our Solar System.

This show also includes a special discussion with congressional candidate David P. Christie from Washington State, on how the LaRouche economic policy could deal with disasters much worse than the Seattle snowstorm.

NY Class - Planetary Defense: "Class in NYC taking up why we must take on the challenge of Mars colonization now.".

Weather Report - January 19, 2012: "Idiots have grabbed onto the recent warm weather, combined with the loss of Arctic sea ice, to say that we should stop acting like humans, and become friendly to polar bears. No. We will again look at how the polar vortex factors into both phenomena, and its possible interaction with solar activity. We'll see early January's sudden stratospheric warming event, the dramatic loss of sea ice during high Arctic Oscillation Index in the early 1990s, and the recent explosion of activity from a new sunspot group.

"On the response of sea ice to the Arctic Oscillation," by Rigor, Wallace, and Colony (2002)
"Solar forcing of winter climate variability in the Northern Hemisphere," by Ineson, et al. (2011).".

Mars: A Moral Imperative: "A new pedagogy on Energy-Flux-Density by the Basement team will bring a new insight into the U.S. Constitutional principle.".

On Metaphor: An Intermezzo: "Unlike the brains of animals, the human mind has the power of going beyond the senses, to creatively develop concepts that exist as universal intentions. In both science and art, Lyndon LaRouche has pointed to the concept of metaphor as embodying the kernel of creative thought. In this video, Jason Ross uses several examples from the first modern scientist, Johannes Kepler, to elaborate this concept, and offers an unsettling conclusion on what the goal of economic policy must be.".

Strategic Defense of Earth: What You Didn't Know About Viruses Ep. II: "In this episode we attack the curious case of seasonal epidemics and pandemics, like the flu, showing the relationship it has with solar and cosmic radiative activity. Demonstrating yet another aspect of the imperative we have to join Russia in developing a Strategic Defense of Earth science driver program.".

WIR · January 5, 2011 · What is the Base-line?: "What does it mean, to keep pace with the universe? How do we get a sense, in the mind, of what it is we must keep pace with-- which, if we fail to recognize it, will eat us all up, like the dinosaur? The longer our species tolerates the oligarchical principle-- tolerates the Obama Presidency-- the more we cripple our species ability to deal with these pressing problems.".


Quantity vs Quality: "A consistent failure in economic work comes from failing to recognize a difference between quantitative and qualitative changes. Evolutionary upshifts include changes that are qualitative in their not being comparable with previous states, and the same is true for human economy.".

An Interview with Phil Rubinstein · Einstein & Economics: "An interview by Phil Rubenstein, an associate of Lyndon LaRouche, on the implications for physical economics and the future of Einstein's discoveries.".

Interview With Claudio Giudici · The Mass Strike in Italy: "EIR Online interviewed Claudio Giudici, an activist with the LaRouche movement in Italy (MoviSol) and leader in the national taxi drivers union, who is now leading a national strike against IMF dictator Mario Monti. Giudici has grabbed national headlines and is currently escalating the fight with prominent calls for the policies of Lyndon LaRouche. Visit Claudio Giudici's YouTube channel here and watch his television interviews.".

Ihmismielen luonne, voima ja dynamiikka:

The Sense of Self • A Dialogue: "From Plato to Lyndon LaRouche, the fallacy of sense perception has been the foundational topic for the advancement of mankind in all of humanity's past. This interactive report covers the boundaries of sight, hearing and language, which leads us to look to the famous Helen Keller to answer the question: what really is mind, after all?".

LaRouche: The Immortal Talent of Martin Luther King Jr.: "Lyndon LaRouche keynoted the Jan. 19 2004 Martin Luther King Prayer Breakfast, sponsored by the Talladega County (Alabama) Democratic Conference. City Councilman Rev. Horace Patterson introduced the first speaker, civil rights heroine Amelia Boynton Robinson, then vice chairman of the Schiller Institute, who in turn introduced LaRouche.".

Yhdysvaltain politiikka ja Barack Obama:

Presidential Strategy: "Liona Fan-Chiang (LaRouche Basement) and Anna Shavin (LPAC-TV) lead a discussion with Benjamin Deniston of the Basement Team and Candidates Rachel Brown (MA) and Kesha Rogers (TX).".

Prime Time Report • Why Obama Hates Fusion: "To succeed against evil we in the United States, have to become dedicated to what Barack Obama hates.".

Barack Obama: Taking the Food Out of Your Mouth: "Obama's shutdown of 259 USDA facilities brings us that much closer to the British genocide agenda.".

Revisited: Is Barack Obama an American?: "Those among our fair citizens who asked, "How could Obama sign the Defense bill?" need to recognize that they held a lethal assumption: The belief that Obama was ever an American.".

Is Barack Obama an American?: "The key thing for people to recognize, those among our fair citizens who said, "how could Obama sign the Defense bill?" is that they upheld a lethal assumption: The belief that Obama was ever an American.".

"A Long Train of Abuses" · Jan 2, 2012: "Obama is the British Empire's 21st Century Hitler.".

The Annals of Nerobama: "Sometimes the most important things in history are what didn't happen. In March 2009, Lyndon LaRouche identified Obama's psychological profile as a carbon copy of Rome's Emperor Nero. From that point onward, all actions on the part of the population and Congress defending this president have been leading humanity on the same track as the Roman Empire followed under the reign of Nero.".

Geopolitiikka ja imperiumi:

Russia Proposes Moon Colony: "Less than 24 hours following LaRouche’s State of the Union speech in which he declared that the only way to save mankind will be a mission to land a man on Mars, Roscosmos chief Vladimir Popovkin proposed that the United States enter into collaboration with Russia to lay a pathway for a mission to Mars, beginning with the establishment of a permanent colony on the moon.".

Famine: A Policy Fabricated in London: "With the global financial system at a historic moment of total collapse, only depopulation of the most efficient means is the way the financier oligarchy can respond. In today’s age that means a thermonuclear war. However the policy of reducing our numbers on this planet has been the model of the British empire throughout history and wherever they are, genocide will follow.".

WIR: It's the British: "The British Empire is set to take us all down with them. Only by the removal of the deranged Obama, will we be able to put a stop to the current war drive.".

Poliittiset julkilausumat ja ohjelmanjulistukset:

Helga Zepp-LaRouche: Two Existential Crises of Mankind: "Helga Zepp-LaRouche, stateswoman and president of the BueSo party in Germany, made these remarks at a private seminar held in Washington D.C. on January 25, 2012.".

Candidate Summer Shields: Earthquake Warning!: "Indications have arisen pointing to the possibility of a 7.5 or greater earthquake to occur in the North Western region of the United States, or Mexico. In absence of any intelligent life within the present selection of presidential candidates, Summer Shields of the LaRouche slate addresses the issue.".

Dave Christie on the Earthquakes, Solar Flares and the Mission Before Us.

Kesha Rogers Reports from AAS Conference: "U.S. Federal Candidate Kesha Rogers reports from the American Astronomical Society Conference in Houston TX. The political reality that she brought into the discussion reverberated throughout the conference.".

National Candidates Slate Podcast: "Credit, Not Monetarism": "In their weekly podcast for January 5, 2012, the national candidates slate discusses the credit system, and what the revolutionary policy must be to crush British monetarism, once we throw Obama out.
Download audio

Lyndon LaRouchen ja LaRouche -liikkeen kongressiehdokkaiden vuoropuhelua ekonomiasta:

LaRouche & The Slate: The Economic System, Part 1,

LaRouche & The Slate: The Economic System, Part 2,

LaRouche & The Slate: The Economic System, Part 3.

"We're going for Constitutional issues, we're going to take over the United States for the measures that have to be taken, otherwise the United States can not be saved: Those two issues are, Glass-Steagall, and National Banking. Those are the only two issues for a Presidential election."

~ Lyndon LaRouche

Lopuksi megapitkä syventävä Lyndon LaRouchen analyysi viime joulukuulta: THE MYSTERY OF YOUR TIME.

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