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Eurokriisi osana oligarkkipahuuden aiheuttamaa järjestelmätuhon eskaloitumista: LaRouche -liikkeen hätälääkitys promotointiin!

Parina viime päivänä transatlanttisen talousjärjestelmän terminaalivaiheisessa romahdusprosessissa on ollut käynnissä eurojärjestelmän kaatuminen ja samalla sen aiheuttajat (Oligarkki-pankkiiri-monarkia-siionistieliitti) vaativat sen pelastamista hinnalla millä hyvänsä muodostaakseen sen varjolla pankkiirioligarkkisen diktatuurin entistä totalitaristisempana "unionina". Tässä romahdustodellisuudessa heidän taloususkonnollisten idioottiuksiensa hätä saada tämä NWO -agendana tunnettu neofeodaalistava prosessi tehtyä loppuun paistaa jo suuresti läpi ja on hyvin suuri ihme, kuinka on edelleen heitä etenkin tärkeillä yhteiskunnan oppositiopaikoillakin, jotka eivät tätä näe - tajua - vastusta. Tästä on varoitettu monta vuotta!

Viime viikonloppuna eskaloituneen tilanteen myötä koostin kolmen kirjoituksen tilannekuvauksen -->

Tukipakettisulkeisten jatkuminen Espanjaan hyökkäyksenä ihmisyyttä vastaan! - Osa 1: Suomalaisten viha- ja tuomiotulva pankkiirioligarkiaa vastaan kiihtyy

Tukipakettisulkeisten jatkuminen Espanjaan hyökkäyksenä ihmisyyttä vastaan! - Osa 2: Perussuomalaisten välikysymys ja eurokriisianalyysi

Tukipakettisulkeisten jatkuminen Espanjaan hyökkäyksenä ihmisyyttä vastaan! - Osa 3: Olli Kingelinin rahatalouden järjestelmävian havainnollistus.

Viivytin tätä neljättä koostavaa osaa tähän saakka, koska halusin kerätä sitä varten materiaalia kunnolla mm. poliitikko- ja "asiantuntija"-kätyreidemme reaktioista näihin viime aikaisiin käänteisiin. Ne osoittavat edelleen selkeästi sen, kuinka maatamme hallitsee hyvin totaalisesti kyvytön, välinpitämätön, moraaliton, aivopesty ja paha konkkaronkka!

Tämän selkeäksi jatko-osoittamiseksi tähdennän kaikkea ilmennyttä ja vaadittavia OIKEITA parantamistoimia LaRouche -liikkeen sisällöillä. Annan sen puhua seuraavaksi puolestaan pelkästään ja lopuksi koostan valikoiman parilta viime päivältä Facebook -linkkejäni ja -mietteitäni tästä aihepiiristä.

LaRouche -sisältöjä transatlanttisen järjestelmäromahduksen luonteesta ja parantamiskeinoista siihen -->

Spain Bank Bailout Fails in Advance: A New Speed Record: "Surprising even hardened financial "experts" who expected the Spain bank bailout to "work" for as much as several hours, the bailout has actually failed before being formally announced — a new speed record that should, by all reason, be allowed to stand forever. The causes of this lightning collapse should be understood, so that bank bailouts be buried forever. ... Since the Spain bailout has failed before it has happened, the best course would be not to carry it out at all; that depends on Glass-Steagall enactment, fast, and first in the United States.".

FDIC Director Thomas Hoenig Endorses Glass-Steagall: "Former Kansas City Fed chairman Thomas Hoenig Monday writes another strong endorsement of Glass-Steagall, under the headline "No More Welfare for Banks." Saying he has a "proposal to strengthen the US financial system by simplifying its structure and making its more accountable," Hoenig calls for a "Glass-Steagall for today." ".

Return to Glass-Steagall Says Financial Times Op-Ed: "Another reason is the fact that after the repeal of Glass-Steagall there has been a "demise of public equity markets and an explosion of opaque over-the-counter ones." Furthermore "With the repeal of Glass-Steagall, investment banks exploded in size and so did their market power. As a result, the new financial instruments (such as credit default swaps) developed in an opaque over-the-counter market populated by a few powerful dealers, rather than in a well-regulated and transparent public market.".

He concludes that Glass-Steagall "helped restrain the political power of banks. Under the old regime, commercial banks, investment banks and insurance companies had different agendas, so their lobbying efforts tended to offset one another. But after the restrictions ended, the interests of all the major players were aligned. This gave the industry disproportionate power in shaping the political agenda. This excessive power has damaged not only the economy but the financial sector itself. One way to combat this excessive power, if only partially, is to bring Glass-Steagall back." ".

Financial Dictatorship Expands with Spanish "Bank Bailout," as the System Prepares to Blow Out: "the demands are for the destruction of nation-states and the imposition of corporatist fascism. The financial system is dead, and can never be revived. So-called bailouts mean only genocide and global fascist dictatorship. The only effective antidote to this is Glass-Steagall, the credit system, and global redevelopment, beginning with NAWAPA.".

London Rams Bank Bailout Package Down Spain's Throat: "The British cabal were desperate to get Spain to cave in this weekend. As the New York Times put it, the Spanish announcement came "following increasingly desperate calls from world leaders to accept the money before Greek elections next week, that they fear could cause havoc in the markets." Spain's announcement was met with plaudits from the IMF, the EU bureaucracy, and of course U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner—no newcomer to hyperinflationary bailouts.".

Spain Being Railroaded into Bailout: "Spain is being railroaded in taking a bailout which will put all the bank debt onto to the sovereign, but the question is: will the euro survive?".
New Cosponsor for H.R. 1489 to Restore Glass-Steagall: "On June 8th, Rep. Mazie Hirono [D-HI2] signed on as the 67th cosponsor of Rep. Marcy Kaptur's H.R. 1489, The Return to Prudent Banking Act.

After sitting dormant since February, the bill has seen a surge in activity in the wake of the J.P. Morgan Fail Whale revelations in mid-May. Rep. Hirono's action brings the total to 4 new cosponsors for this week.

LPAC maintains a regular list of the latest Congressional news regarding H.R. 1489, as well as a catalogue of institutional support for the bill, on our Glass-Steagall Current Support page.".
Banking Analysts of Alpha Value Urge France and Europe To Adopt Glass-Steagall: "Alpha Value, a very respected private firm of financial analysts published a report saying that Glass-Steagall banking separation "à la française" would be the best way to go for President Hollande in France and for the rest of Europe.

According to Les Echos, while François Hollande is still undecided about the technical details of the separation of banking activities he wants to adopt, Alpha Value "calls for the rapid implementation of this measure," i.e., return to a strict Glass-Steagall "in Europe and especially in France." ". 
Who Needs Derivatives?: "It seems that 10 banks in London do 47% of world derivatives. Sixteen banks based in the United States do another 25% of world derivatives ($290 trillion in nominal value), and those 16 have 99.5% of the derivatives exposure of U.S. banks. Six of them — JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Wells Fargo — have 75% of that exposure.

In other words, the great majority of banks in the 7,500 banks based in the United States do little or no derivatives trading, lending, or borrowing, although "banks must hedge" is a watchword of Dodd-Frank and the Volcker Rule. The strong impact Glass-Steagall would have in clearing out the financial derivatives markets, would have very little effect on the operations of that vast majority of commercial banks.". 

Empire Endorses Financial Dictatorship on Continental Europe: "In his talks with the German Chancellor in Berlin this afternoon, the British Prime Minister vehemently endorsed more "de-sovereignization" of the nation-states on the continent, leaving no doubt at the same time that, although favoring it, Britain will not be part of it: "I can understand why eurozone countries may want to look at elements of banking union. Because we are not in the single currency, we won't take part in the profound elements of that banking union. I wouldn't ask British taxpayers to stand behind the Greek or Spanish deposits."

"It is not our currency, so that would be inappropriate to do," Cameron added. "I understand why single currency countries have to look at deeper integration. I will make sure that Britain's interests, particularly in the single market, and the openness and fairness of the single market are protected. That is key for Britain." ".

Which Euro Break-up Will It Be: Destructive Chaos? Or Glass Steagall?: "Those solutions require implementing a two-tier banking system in the exact tradition of the Glass-Steagall standard established by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933, cancelling the EU treaties, from Maastricht to Lisbon, re-establishing national sovereignty over monetary and economic policy, with national currencies, fixed exchange rates, and an economic reconstruction program for Southern Europe, the Mediterranean region, and the African continent.".

LaRouche: Glass-Steagall Now for Both the U.S.A. and Europe: "Lyndon LaRouche today reiterated that we have reached the point in the breakdown of the entire trans-Atlantic financial system that the only survival option is to immediately implement Glass-Steagall. LaRouche issued a statement today, "The End of Britain's 'Bail Out"' which reiterated the need for his three-point recovery plan — starting immediately with Glass-Steagall.".
LaRouche -videot:

June 12, 2012 • Strategic Overview: Start What Engines, Economist?: "Neither a bailout from Angela Merkel nor a fiscal union will save Europe."

June 11, 2012 · Strategic Overview: "There are larger forces currently acting to shape world history than most people realize, and we are coming up very rapidly against a moment in which great decisions are going to be made, one way or the other.".

June 9th Overview - Spain Needs Glass-Steagall NOT Bailout: "This weekend Spain is set to ask for a bailout ahead of schedule, demonstrating the rate of collapse of the financial system moves faster than any bailout attempt. The only solution is the re-implementation of the Glass-Steagall Act.".

Monetary vs Credit Systems: "A brief, general description of the differences between Credit and Monetary Financial Systems" --> Omaan mahdottomuuteensa tuhoutuvan oligarkkisen monetarismin sijalle hyvin pitkälle mietitty periaatteellinen vaihtoehto yhteishyvän luomiseksi humnanisti ja oikeudenmukaisesti.

Discussion: NAWAPA XXI & Public Credit: "Michael Kirsch, principle author of NAWAPA XXI, sits down with Paul Gallagher of EIR to discuss the details of how to fund such a project as NAWAPA XXI, and the urgent need to implement Glass-Steagall as its first step".
An Interview with Dennis Small : There is Life After the Euro!: "On June 5, 2012, LPAC conducted an interview with Dennis Small, director of EIR Ibero-American Affairs. Mr. Small paints a vivid picture of the explosive situation in Spain, and elaborates on EIR’s initiative in drafting a recovery plan for South Europe and the Mediterranean.".

Syventäväksi tiedoksi --->  An Economic Miracle for South Europe and the Mediterrenean!

There Is Life After the Euro! Program for an Economic Miracle In Southern Europe, The Mediterranean Region, And Africa.

Lyndon LaRouchen kirjoitus -->

The End of Britain's Bailout: "As it must come to all nations of the present “trans-Atlantic community,” the present British world system is now hopelessly doomed to pass, as did the Roman Empire, in one way or another. Worse, either the sovereign nations of the Americas and Europe, most emphatically, return immediately to the equivalent of U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s fixed-exchange-rate system, as had been intended by the decision to defeat John Maynard Keynes’ own intended swindle at “Bretton Woods;” or else, without that reform which I have just indicated for immediate action now, the present trans-Atlantic monetary system collapses into an irredeemable general collapse of the entirety of the trans-Atlantic system, and, quite likely, much beyond.

Stating the same point otherwise, without an immediate installation, by political force of leading nations, of a trans-Atlantic equivalent of President Franklin Roosevelt’s original “Glass-Steagall” law, the nations of western and central Europe (and others) will become virtually “far worse than merely financially extinct” during the presently onrushing collapse already under way, especially in the combination of the British system and its captives of the already terminal crisis of the so-called “Euro system."

"The three, actually elementary measures of constitutional reform which are urgently required now, are, summarily, the following:

1.The immediate re-installation of a fixed-exchange-rate U.S. system, by means of a re-enactment of President Franklin Roosevelt’s Glass-Steagall law’s initiation.

2.The establishment of a national banking system based on the precedent of the national-banking law which had been established under President George Washington’s Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton, contrary to the terrible national economic crisis which had been unloosed by the combination of the controllers of the unscrupulous President Andrew Jackson and Jackson’s backers and controllers such as the well-known, habitually treasonous Aaron Burr, Marin Van Buren of Panic of 1837 infamy, and associated New York City-based and London-controlled international bankers who used the wrecking of U.S. national banking to install the London-controlled financiers as the sunsequently traditional London controllers of Wall Street tyranny over our republic.

3.The need for the launching of the original North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA), as being prepared anew at this time, to prompt a general recovery of the U.S. economy through a fairly estimated four millions high-technology-driven places of long-term modern employment under a refreshed NAWAPA design, plus an estimated addition of two millions of net, capital-intensive, long-term, high-technology employment for categories outside NAWAPA itself: six millions employed in increasingly high-technology, largely capital-intensive productive employment, to rebuild our presently ruined, broken-down, present U.S. economy to ensure the rescue of our republic and its cooperating partners from the presently onrushing and intrinsically mass-murderous, present trends in the recently accelerating ruin of our national economy under current prevailing policies and trends.".

LaRouche -aineistoa Executive Intelligence Review -sivustoltaan -->
European Bankers Panic, Admit System Is Doomed: "June 5—Lyndon LaRouche and EIR magazine have told you for decades that the current financial system, including the Euro system, is doomed, and last week, LaRouche warned, with the breaking crisis in Spain, that an absolute breaking point had been reached. Over the last days of May, the leading international bankers finally publicly agreed. The problem is that those bankers, with their allegiance to the British global monetarist system, are determined to replace the current system with Weimar-style hyperinflation and a global financial dictatorship—which would doom mankind to not only servitude, but destruction.

There is resistance to that dictatorship, and thus, in the face of the utter abdication of any responsible solution from the current authorities, in Europe or the United States, the global financial community is on the verge of panic.

Panic, however, is totally counterproductive, as LaRouche has emphasized. What's needed is the immediate reduction of the unpayable debt burden by the application of Glass-Steagall, starting in the United States, and then a rapid shift into a system of state-backed credit issuance for great infrastruction projects. To this end, EIR, under the guidance of Helga Zepp-LaRouche, is issuing an emergency program for a new "Economic Miracle" in the Mediterranean region, encompassing Southern Europe and Africa, which program you will find in this week's EIR Feature. Even before we go "to print," this program will be circulating in leading political circles in Europe and elsewhere, for immediate action."

Spain's Unpayable Trillion-Dollar Hole Calls the Question: " "I don't know if we are on the edge of a precipice, but we are in a very, very difficult situation," Spanish Economy Minister Luis de Guindos stated Thursday night, adding that the future of the euro is at stake in Spain. Spain's Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaria huddled with Timothy Geithner and chief IMF tax cheat Cristine Lagarde in Washington, D.C., on Thursday; press reports, that an agreement was reached on the creation of an IMF-EU bailout fund for Spain's banks, were then denied by both the IMF and Treasury, which only lent credence to the report. Geithner agrees, Saenz told the Financial Times, that the next round of bailouts should be given directly to European private banks, instead of using the governments as pass-throughs. Germany is still opposed to that openly hyperinflationary approach."
"Lyndon LaRouche warned on May 26 that the rate of collapse of the trans-Atlantic monetarist system is now outrunning the rate of any attempt to salvage it, and there are only two outcomes immediately possible: imposition of Glass-Steagall regulation internationally, or Weimar hyperinflation.".

Tunnelmiani Facebook-seinältäni parilta viime päivältä -->

Ministeri Espanja-tuen vastustajille: On itsepetosta heittää hanskat naulaan --> Merja Kyllönen ei ilmeisesti ole kuullut ollenkaan mm. Glass-Steagall -laista ja ei osaa siten nähdä mikä on oikeaa vastuuta. No, näinhän ne transatlanttisen eliitin kätyrit paljastavat itsensä olivat he sitten tahallisia tai hyväuskoisia sellaisia... Heh heh, hän on muka olevinaan vasemmistoliittolainen ja osallistuu silti ultraoikeistolaiseen katastrofiin ja antihumaaniin romahdusprosessiin peesaamalla moisia aivopesun ja maailmankuvavääristymän tuotoksia.

Vaihtoehtona lama 90-luvun malliin? Ehkä kannattaa auttaa | Kansan Uutiset | Verkkolehti --> Tässäkin on yksi aivopesty hölmö, jolla ei ole mitään käsitystä ekonomian hoidosta humaanisti! --> Oho, sulla ja mulla on jo yli 15 000 euron osuus valtion velasta!

Espanjan korot uuteen ennätykseen ---> "Espanjan ja Italian valtionlainojen korot ovat nousseet jälkimarkkinoilla hurjaa tahtia, kun epävarmuus Espanjan pankkituen ja maan budjettialijäämän ympärillä on syventynyt. Sijoittajat ovat vahvasti alkaneet epäillä myös Italian ta...louden kestokykyä.

Espanjan 10-vuotisen joukkovelkakirjan tuottovaatimus on jo lähellä seitsemän prosentin kipurajaa, 6,753 prosentissa. Se on tiistaipäivän aikana noussut jo 29 korkopistettä.

Italian kymmenvuotisen velkakirjan tuottovaatimus on kivunnut Espanjan tahdissa. Nyt se on 6,218 prosentissa, jossa päivänousua on 22 korkopistettä ".

Kuten LaRouche -liikekin on toitottanut monta vuotta: tällaisen valheisiin, korruptioon ja dystooppisiin imperialismivisioihin perustuvan järjestelmävian pelastamiseen vaadittava tukipakettimäärä kumoutuu sitä enemmän ko. järjestelmäromahdu...ksen määrällä, mitä kauemmin moista yritetään pitää pystyssä ja mitä enemmän ko. tukipaketteja luodaan: Itse itseään vahvistava tuhokierre siis, jonka voi katkaista ensiapuna vain Glass-Steagall -standardi!

Barroso FT:lle: Pankkiunioni mahdollinen jo ensi vuonna --> Pankkiunioni = NWO = Neofeodalismi = Saatanan valtakunta. Euroopan Unioni onkin jo 1950 -luvulta saakka suunniteltu juuri Pankkiunionina. No, kohta se luhistuu omaan mahdottomuuteensa, mutta kuinka laittaa parantava systeemi tilalle, kun vastahankoina on uskomattoman aivopestyjä ja välinpitämättömiä poliitikkoja ja "asiantuntijoita"...?

Rehn vähäsanaisena: Italian talous kestää --> Kun Olli Rehn on tällä kertaa "vähäsanainen", on se merkki siitä, että tilanne on todella vakava... Todella!
Tunteja, päiviä....?

"Euroopan vakausmekanismia vastustava mielenosoitus to 14.6.2012 klo 17-19 Eduskuntatalo

Liity ryhmään facebookissa ja osallistu!"!

Mitä tapahtuu suljettujen ovien takana? --> Transatlanttisen järjestelmätuhon ainoita hyviä puolia on tavallaan se, että mitä pidemmälle se vääjäämättä etenee, niin sitä enemmän "suljettujen ovien takainen" pahuuskin paljastuu. On oikeastaan pommin varmaa, että ko. oligarkkikartellin sekä pääpukarit että kätyrit eivät pysty enää pitkään säilyttämään kasvojaan ja jatkosalaamaan jo kauan piilotettua imperiaali- ja taloususkontoagendaansa suurelta yleisöltä. Lisääntyvä määrä ihmisiä näkee lisää alastomia "keisareita"...

Katainen: Suomi haluaa troikan Espanjaan --> Katainen puuhaa häpeämättä ja ideologiasokeana ihmiskunnan vastaista kätyrivihollisuutta transatlanttisen eliitin imperiaalivisioiden toteuttamiseksi. Minä en kuulu tähän Suomeen! Luonnottomana konstruktiona tällaiset luhistuu ja Katainenkin saa siten vielä nuolla kunniansa rippeet katuojasta tai vankilasta käsin...

Still Report #49 Greece Vote 2-Bill --> Hmmm., mielenkiintoista. Bill Still tietää ongelman hyvin ja rahareformilliset yksityiskohdat tuntuvat hyvin perustelluilta. Sitten tosiaan jännittämään Kreikan kakkosvaalien tulosta; voittaako Syriza -puolue tällä kertaa ylivoimaisesti ja näyttää siten keskisormea oligarkkikartellille... Siitä ei mielestäni kuitenkaan päästä yli eikä ympäri, että pankkisysteemiin tarvitaan sosiaalispohjaista periaateratkaisua myös, jonka tarjoaa Glass-Steagall -reformi.

Lopuksi: Pankkejahan tarvitaan mm. luotottamaan valtion julkista taloutta, jotta sillä voidaan edesauttaa fyysisen ekonomian kehittämistä. Erona monetarismiin on tässä LaRouche-mallissa se, että rahan luontioikeus on palautettu valtiolle yksityisomisteisten liikepankkien kontolta ja siinä Glass-Steagall -lain kontrolloimana rahaa ohjautuu investointipankkien spekuloinnin ja rahatalouden paisuttamisen sijaan juuri sekä julkisen talouden että hyödyllisten yksityisyritysten toimintaan fyysisen ekonomian yhteishyvälliseksi parhaaksi. Pankkisysteemi siis ilman oligarkkeja ja rahatalouden diktatuuria. Tätä pitää promotoida!

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