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Humaani aktivisti ja journalisti Lizzie Phelan esikuvana NWO:n ja länsieliitin vastaisessa taistelussa

Viime kirjoituksessani toin esille Syrian Girl -nimisen aktivistin ja hänen innoittamanaan haluan jatkaa älykkäiden ja valveutuneiden naisten esilletuomista taistelussa länsimaiden pahuutta ja rappiota vastaan. Varsin suuri osa NWO:n vastaisista aktivisteista on ollut havaintoni mukaan miehiä aikaisempien vuosien mittaan, mutta nykyään naisetkin toki tulevat hyvin mukaan rintamaan.

Täten tällä kertaa esittelen britannialaisen journalistin Lizzie Phelanin, joka on Syrian Girl -aktivistin kaltaisesti erittäin hyvin perillä maailman yhteiskunnallispoliittisista asioista ja haluaa olla hyvin toimelias aktivismissaan länsieliitin orkestroimia - ylläpitämiä moraalittomuuksia, valheita, sotarikollista militarismia, talousterroria ja muita sairaita transatlanttisia agendavyörytyksiä vastaan.

Totta kai Lizziekin on Syrian Girl -aktivistin tapaan todella viehättävä myös, jota älykkyytensä kirkastaa koko upeuteensa. Molemmat ovatkin tällaiselle suht konservatiiviselle heteromiehelle naisia makuuni täten monessakin mielessä ;) Toki "pelkästään vain" ihmisinäkin oivallisia valiokansalaisia!

Joka tapauksessa on suuri valonpilkahdus näissä ahdistavissa ja jopa lamaannuttavissakin maailman käänteissä kuunnella tällaisten aktivistien ajatuksia, havaintoja ja teesejä sekä oppia edelleen itsekin lisää niistä; he ovat esikuvia kenelle tahansa ja heihin voidaan helposti liittää myös termi "rohkea sankari"!

Lizzie Phelan on perehtynyt parin viime vuoden aikana eniten / parhaiten Libyan ja Syyrian tilanteisiin ja kaikkeen niihin oleellisesti liittyviin asioihin; hän on ollut kummassakin maassa jopa aivan paikan päällä monta kertaa raportoimassa ja tutkimassa asioita vaarallisissa olosuhteissa. Siitä ehdottomasti ns. lisäpropsit hänelle!

Toisaalta hänen blogiaan nyt alustavasti selattuani olen havainnut jonkin verran omiin tutkimuksiini nähden näkökulmaeroja, joiden takia saattaisin olla muutamista asioista Lizzien kanssa selvästi eri mieltä... Tähän mennessä tutustumani mukaan olen kuitenkin hyvin vakuuttunut etenkin juuri hänen Libyan ja Syyrian sotien raportointeihinsa ja näkemyksiinsä. Otankin ne tässä bloggauksessani keskeisesti esille.

Aluksi esittelen Lizzien ko. blogin, josta maailman tämän hetken geopolitiikkaa havainnollistamaan poimin avainlainauksien kera kaksi bloggausta. Sen perään olen poiminut valikoiman Youtube-videoita Lizzien mm. PressTV:lle ja Russia Today -medialle tekemistään raporteista - haastatteluista sekä lisäksi joitain muitakin videoita pääosassaan Lizzien Phelan.

Lizzie Phelanin blogi, josta kaksi valikoitua blogitekstiä -->

Why Russia is a "wall" to the advance of fascism (Huom!: Paul Erneston teksti Lizzien lainaamana): "I am not Russian. I do not live in Russia. I do not speak Russian (unfortunately!). And I must even confess that I have a patchy knowledge about Russia.

But I can tell you this: as a geopolitical analyst I know that Russia is crucially important to Mankind at the crossroads we find ourselves in these very dark times.

"Whilst neither the US nor the UK nor Europe are in anyway “the Enemy” of Mankind, the private Global Power Masters who have hijacked those nations and embedded themselves deep into their private and public power structures are. They so fully control these countries’ economies, banks, finance, foreign policies, military, media and other aspects that, in practice, those Global Power Masters ARE the Enemy, and every time they rear their ugly heads through State Department/Pentagon or Foreign Office/NATO aggressions, attacks and invasions, then those public institutions of Government DO circumstantially become instruments of that Enemy."

"All of this being said, as a citizen of South America, in geopolitical terms Russia is a Friend and ally, not because Russia and Latin American necessarily have common interests in everything, but because we share a common Enemy (or should I say, hostis?): the Global Power Masters embedded deep inside the US, UK and EU.

Russia has shown incredible ability to mend past mistakes and seek new roads for its own good and, by extension, for the good of others. There is almost no other country in the world that was able to undergo as major a trauma as the demise of the former Soviet Union the way Russia has done.

I say “almost” because there is one other country that seems to be resolving the transition away from Marxist Communism in a very efficient manner: China. China introduced highly successful social and economic reform in its coastal areas and is slowly working its way into its hinterland, generations at a time!

"This role has Russia variously acting like a Buffer, as a Brake and (potentially) as a Wall.

When Russia acts as a Buffer, we often feel frustrated. Take Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Palestine for example, where Russia will take adversarial stances against the US/UK/EU/Israel, however in all those countries, the latter did get their way. Even if they ended up shooting themselves in the foot as happened in Iraq and Southern Lebanon, the truth is that Russia (and China) basically made lots of statements and complaints but no real action happened. No fleets were repositioned, no UN resolutions were vetoed.

When Russia acts as a Brake, we raise our eyebrows in renewed hope. Take Syria and Iran, for example, where Russia openly vetoed US/UK sponsored UN Resolutions against Syria and refused to align behind IAEA pseudo-reports and sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program. Here we start getting that “High Noon Showdown” feeling and start wondering whether there might not be a shootout. The US, UK, France and Israel start getting really nervous and drag their feet in carrying out their threats. Actually, they are forced to resort to more and more clandestine and criminal operations which serve to unmask the fact that those countries are basically run by mafias.

The final question today is what needs to happen for Russia to act as a solid Wall telling the Western Powers, “This is as far as you can go; this is as much as we will tolerate”. If and when Russia finally does that, will the Western Powers stand down or will they try to run their bulldozers through the Russian Wall?

This is a key question, because it holds the answer to whether there will be a World War III or not.

Russia's support for Syria is "Defending the Whole World From Fascism": "Prior to Lavrov’s visit to Damascus, retired Colonel General and former Joint Chiefs of Staff Leonid Ivashov slammed NATO’s aggression against Libya. “What they did to Libya is nearly identical to what Hitler and his armies did against Poland and then Russia. Today therefore, Russia is defending the whole world against facism,” he said.

He warned that: “fascism is making great strides on our planet”, adding that the current uncertainty was whether the west would “try” to destroy Syria or Iran first.

“A strike against Syria is an indirect strike against Russia and its interests, Russia would lose important positions and allies in the Arab world…Therefore, by defending Syria, Russia is defending its own interests. In addition, Russia is defending the whole world from fascism,” Ivashov said.". 

Lisäksi juurikin tunnisteiden Libya ja Syria alta löytyy Lizzien blogista hyvin paljon luettavaa; sekä Lizzien omia tekstejä että hänen lainaamiaan muiden kirjoituksia.

Lizzie Phelan Syyriasta (Youtube-videoita):

Lizzie Phelan on Press TV: Western Media are Manipulating the Syrian Crisis ---> Muutama lainaus tekstitetystä puheestaan: "Press TV: Let's focus on the coverage of the unrest in Syria by the mainstream particularly the alleged Syrian president's emails and the CNN report that a Syrian journalist working for Press TV and al-Alam in Damascus giving advice to President Assad on how to deal with the unrest.

Mr. Assad should have many advisors and other heads of state to do that. As a journalist, you've been to Syria - What do you think of this specific report by CNN?

Phelan: I have been to Syria and I've had the honor of meeting Mr. Murtada and I can assure that he is a man of utmost integrity and honesty and so my immediate reaction would be that a gentleman like Mr. Murtada has far more credibility than news organizations such as CNN who have proven to have a vested interest in undermining anybody who is associated with channels like Press TV or al-Alam who have been far more objective in their coverage of events.

This is the typical kind of tactics of the aggressive Western media of trying to drag anyone's name through the mud who doesn't support their narrative. And so really this is nothing surprising from CNN.

"And meanwhile just yesterday millions of people came out in the streets in support of their government in another show.

You know, Kofi Annan said it has to be up to the Syrian people. Well, the Syrian speak time and time again.

They spoke when they voted in the referendum with an overwhelming Yes, effectively; they spoke when they came out into the streets in January in their hundreds of thousands; they came spoke when they came out in their millions yesterday; and they will speak again on May 7th when they vote in democratic elections.

Lizzie Phelan:objectivity of reports about Syria is being questioned ---> " "There were some reports that the area of Al-Zabadani, near the Lebanese border, had been taken by the Free Syrian Army. And now, I went there myself, the last night, and as I drove to Zabadani, I was very surprised to find no check-points by the Syrian army on the way, and I was actually allowed to go inside Zabadani," Phelan told RT. "And despite having seen footage on the television of convoys of Free Syrian Army fighters, I found that there was actually nothing there." ".

Media Conspiracy against Syria: Lizzie Phelan ---> Muutama lainaus tekstitetystä puheestaan: "What I am talking about now applies to Libya. Britain and the NATO countries have been pushing for intervention in Syria so it is the role of the media of these countries to provide a narrative that supports intervention in Syria. So really it is naïve to think that these organisations are independent and have the ability to be objective. They are not independent. They have to serve the foreign policy interest."

"I think there are two things. First of all as you said at the beginning, there was completely no acknowledgement that the government was fighting against armed insurgents. It was all about the government attacking "peaceful protesters." But as you say because the A.L have begun to acknowledge the presence it has become impossible for this to be denied. But, and as you rightly say, there is the danger now that these armed groups are being legitimised. And I think this is because NATO countries and other countries like Qatar have been unsuccessful in pushing for intervention in the way they wanted to do it, like how they did in Libya via the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). I think now in creating this organisation they call the Free Syrian Army (FSA) they are effectively trying to say that the FSA or the armed insurgents are legitimate and therefore it is legitimate for us to support them and this is a very dangerous road for us to go down. It is a blatant violation of the sovereignty of an independent nation.".

Lizzie Phelan speaks at GLOBAL MARCH FOR SYRIA - London - 17/03/2012 ---> "People gather in London to mark one year of the Syrian people's resistance to the imperialist conspiracy to topple the government of President Bashar al-Assad and to say: "End the intervention in Syria - Don't Attack Iran - Defend Palestine".

The demonstrators also paid tribute to the martyrs of the twin car bombs in Damascus today that claimed the lives of many civilians and members of the Syrian security forces.".

Truth about Syria! British Journalist Lizzie Phelan interview.

Lizzie Phelan Libyasta (Youtube-videoita):

Lizzie phelan journalist during her visit to libya what happened

Latest Lizzie Phelan reports from Tripoli ---> Yksi lainaus puheestaan: "I have heard reports that people have come out into Green Square and other parts of the city waving the green flag, and that the Libyan army is in control. Now what we've heard is that the strategy of the Libyan government and army was to permit the rebels into the city, because previously they have been operating in sleeper cells, and therefore it was very difficult for the Libyan army to know who they were or where they were hiding, so this strategy was part of bringing them out the woodwork to lead to a direct confrontation, so that they could be dealt with quite swiftly. And also we have heard that large tribes of Washafana, Warfalla and Tahuna, and other tribes, came from their areas to Tripoli to join the battle.

We have also heard that Gaddafi was in Green Square with the people there. So this is the information that I am hearing from our contacts across Tripoli. And of course this is a huge turnaround of events, and if they are confirmed in the coming hours, then it would be very interesting to see what this means for NATO and its forces on the ground, i.e. the rebels.".

The Ongoing Imperialist Events - Lizzie Phelan ---> "Face to Face with Lizzie Phelan an Independent Journalist who started covering the Libyan assault eight months ago, Superb Analysis - Beyond Libya.".

Libya one year on: Celebration or commemoration? ---> "On February 17, Libya will mark the first anniversary of the uprising against Muammar Gaddafi. But journalist Lizzie Phelan notes that millions of Libyans will be commiserating, and not celebrating, on the date.

"I think that very few people inside Libya, and many of those who have been forced to flee since the NATO and rebel invasion of Tripoli, will actually be celebrating today" she told RT. "Many thousands -- if not millions -- of people will be commiserating and commemorating the beginning of the destruction of their country, which began more or less a year ago."

Phelan noted that Libya currently has no government, saying that the National Transitional Council is nothing more than a media show.
"There are hundreds of militias that control different parts of the country. And Muammar Gaddafi and the former Libyan government always warned that this would happen."

She cited numerous examples of human rights violations by the NTC and its local councils, including the jailing of the country's former representative to the UN as well as two philosophers for supporting Gaddafi.

"Just a few days ago, for example, in Misrata, the heads of the Misrata NTC announced that they would hold local elections there. And astonishingly, they named 50,000 people who would be allowed to participate in this election. And this is really a tiny proportion of the population of Misrata; its population is approximately half a million," Phelan noted. She added that this sign of elections in a post-Gaddafi Libya, along with a bevy of other examples, doesn't bode well for the West's promises of democracy following the end of Gaddafi rule.".

Lizzie Phelan - women united in the Intifada 3-2011 ---> Yksi lainaus puheestaan: " ...And women are often used by a white male dominated media industry and western political establishment as a tool of division which they have successfully done in the sense that those interested in the struggles of people in the Muslim world against imperialism often find their commitment to certain forces directly fighting empire challenged by the portrayal of women. This is mostly true today in relation to Islamist movements, where a culture of Islamophobia and eurocentricism in the west has harboured a lazy attitude towards understanding the role of Islam in social and political life and thus the life of women.". Hmmm., mielenkiintoista....

Lopuksi: Muistinpa vielä, että viime vuonna olin jo ottanut Lizzie Phelanin esille tässä kirjoituksessani: Muammar Gaddafin murhaamiseen päättynyt kesän-syksyn vaihe Libyan sodassa tarkasteltavana Facebook -aineistoni kautta.

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