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Täyslaidallinen linkkejä maailman tilanteen hahmottamiseksi - Osa 5

Viime linkkitulvasta onkin jo aikaa, joten siksi tällä kertaa linkkiannokseni on poikkeuksellisen tuhti. Maailmassa on myös tapahtunut tuttuun tyyliin paljon dramaattista ja saatanallista NWO -paskaa; Iranin ja Hondurasin sisäiset kriisit, joissa on ko. Brittiläisen imperiumin kädenjäljet ja ohjaus mm. George Soroksen monivuotisen toiminnan avulla. Cap & Trade -"ilmastonmuutoslain" läpimeno USA:ssa, mikä merkitsee NWO -eliitin vallan ja tyrannian järkyttävää kouraisua läpi yhteiskunnan ja miljoonien ihmisten tuomitsemista köyhyyteen ja tuhon tielle. Kalifornian vararikko osana NWO -fasismia Arnold Schwarzeneggerin avulla ja samankaltainen tilanne monessa muussakin USA:n osavaltiossa. Talouden "asiantuntijoiden" ja päättäjien röyhkeä valehtelu ja peittely tilanteesta jatkuu, missä mm. Ben Bernanke tällä kertaa kusettamassa: Oikeasti pankeilla ei ole varallisuutta vastaamaan keinotekoisesti luotuun johdannaisinstrumenttivelkaan. Taliban/Al-Qaeda -joukkojen käyttö NWO -eliitin omina pelinappuloina. Ydinaseohjelmat Pohjois-Koreassa ja Pakistanissa ovat USA:n auttamia; luo ongelma, aiheuta kaaos, anna ratkaisu. IMF luo omaa "maailmanvaluuttaa"; ns. "special drawing rights". Sikainfluenssa osana NWO -eliitin eugeniikkasuunnitelmia, joista vastaavat mm. Britannian N.I.C.E. -organisaatio ja Yhdysvaltain Hastings -instituutti. Jälkimmäinen muuten vastasi eugeniikasta jo natsi-Saksan tarpeisiinkin. Edelleenkin saman eugeniikan tarkoitus on poistaa rivikansalaisista sairaimpia, mutta myös niitä fiksuimpia, jotka saattaisivat olla uhaksi NWO -eliitille ja heidän agendalleen. Eugeniikka ei siis tarkoita rodunjalostusta oikeasti, vaan ihmiskunnan määrän vähentämistä oligarkkieliitin helpommin hallittavaksi; Sama tarkoitus siis kuin natsi-Saksan aikanakin. Obaman hallinnon terveydenhuoltolakiuudistus tukisi tätä nykyään. Monta muutakin asiaa käy ilmi tuosta linkkikokoelmasta ja oligarkkieliitti yrittää siis edetä nyt monella rintamalla. En tämän enempää kommentoi tai analysoi tässä, vaan annan noiden muiden ihmisten kertoa puolestani:

LaRouche PAC -sivusto: Videot; Off The Cuff -raporttivideoarkisto. Muut videot: LPACTV: Weekly Update 06.23.2009, Obama, Stop Covering UP the Swine Flu!, America, For All Americans, LPACTV: Nero Strikes Again, LPACTV: Hamiltonian Dynamics, LPACTV: Ready To Get Schacht?, LPACTV: Weekly Update 06.30.2009, LPACTV: Obama Tells California to Drop Dead, LPACTV: Democracy in America, LPACTV: Swine Flu Update, LPACTV: Signs of the Time ja LPACTV: Independence Day Statement from LaRouche sekä Tekstit: The Dead Shall Rise Again: British Tout New Super League of Banks, Jack Wennberg, MD— America's Josef Mengele, British-directed coup in Iran, Pandemic Alert, End Obama Cover-Up: Infrastructure Now!, State Governments Move to Austerity as They Run Out of Money, Soros Created Obama's Health-Care Coalition, Rohatyn's Advice on California Crisis: It's Either "Pain or Fear", Don't feed the banks, feed the people!, Confessions of Peter Orszag: Slash Social Security, The British Imperial "BAE" Hand Behind Global Terror, Responding to Attacks, NICE Insists Some Lives Are Unworthy, Soros Defends Nazi Health Reform, Targets Feinstein, Pre-Condition for Pandemics: World Food Production and Nutrition Levels Collapsing, Soros Group Plans Attack Ads Against Democratic Senator Not Supporting Obama Healthcare Bill, Pandemic Update: Prince Philip's Flu is on the March, Obama's Townhall: Eliminate 'Life Unworthy of Life', LaRouche: Bank of China Official Takes British Bait, Sebelius Spells Out Obama Health Policy: Go-Slow for Anti-Flu Funding; Go Fast for Death, President Obama Flaunts His Nero Complex, California One Day Closer To Financial Armageddon, Obama Muscles Cap and Trade Genocide Bill Through House by Slim Margin, Blair Buddy Heads up Euthanasia Drive for Britain, London Orders Obama: Be Merciless! Crack Down! Deny Care!, California Update: Arnie Holds State Employees Hostage, Pandemic Potential: Swine Flu Most Virulent Among Young, On British Orders and with Soros' Money, Obama Tears Up His Party, Physical-Economic Collapse Rate Exceeds 1930s Depression, Time Magazine Special Issue: "What Barack Obama Can Learn from FDR", Beware of British Anti-Vaccination Operation, LaRouche: Is Obama Defending Zelaya's Attempted Coup in Honduras Because He's Planning the Same in the U.S.?, LaRouche: Obama's Policies Have Bankrupted the U.S., Generation that Fought the Nazis: LaRouche Is Right on Obama!, German Supreme Court Issues Sophist "Yes-No" Ruling on Lisbon Treaty, Tony Blair's N.I.C.E. Issues New UnitedHealth Group Report: How to Kill American Seniors, Honduras Subjected to Tough Sanctions and Isolation, Unless Deposed President Reinstated, No Deal in Sacramento, Arnie Declares NEW Fiscal State of Emergency, Protectionism or Die, What Obama Recovery?, Is Obama's Consumer Financial Protection Agency a Fascist Trojan Horse?, Charges That Ousted Honduran President Has Drug Trafficking Ties, IOUS Are Here, More Deadly Cuts To Follow, LaRouche Diplomats Meeting: Get Rid Of The Monetary System & Restore U.S. Credit System, "Intellectually Bankrupt and Careening Out of Control", Jobs and Foreclosures Worse: Obama's Behavioral Economics Bankrupting U.S., Did Obama Raise the Question of a Coup in the U.S. Again in His July 1 Town Hall Meeting?, Obama Incompetence Was Key to the Escalation of the Honduran Crisis, White House Press Revolts Against Obama Administration's Dictatorial Attempt to Control Media, Tip Of The Tip Of The Iceberg: Seven Banks Fail In One Day, The British Monarchy, Still the Enemy Today, Obama on the Unemployed: Let Them Make Bubbles, IMF for the First Time in History Issues Bonds, Animal Studies of New H1N1 Show More Severe Lung Symptoms Than Seasonal Flus, H1N1 Sweeps Australia/New Zealand; Drug-Resistant Strain Indentified In Hong Kong and Japan, Iran Political Battle Is Not Over Yet; LaRouche Called For U.S. to Butt Out, Honduras Crisis Escalates Toward Confrontation Under London's Guiding Hand, Obama Will Never Forgive Colin Powell For This, Public Turning On Obama's Fascist Health Plan ja California: Collapse Hitting New Phase, Arnie More Crazy Than Ever.

Alex Jonesin Infowars -sivusto ja YouTube -kanava: Tekstit: What Actually Happened in the Iranian Presidential Election?, Iran Falling to US PSYOPS?, Bankster “Holiday” Planned for September?, Soros, the CIA, Mossad and the new media destabilization of Iran, Obama’s Financial Reform Proposal: A Stealth Scheme for Global Monetary Control, Western Stooge Pahlavi Positioning Himself To Take Power In Iran, How the U.S. Has Secretly Backed Pakistan’s Nuclear Program From Day One, Predictive Programming 2.0: Operation Blackjack, Obama Claims CIA Involvement In Iran “Patently False”, International Bailout Brings Us Closer to Economic Collapse, Mandatory H1N1 Vaccine May Be in the Works, Iranian Interior Minister: Western Intelligence Behind Riots And Unrest, Obama gets billions for ‘pandemic’ Swine Flu, Climate Cops To Fine “Wasteful” Homeowners & Businesses, Journalist Files Charges against WHO and UN for Bioterrorism and Intent to Commit Mass Murder, Bernanke fearmongers that Fed audit would be ‘takeover’ by Congress, trigger economic collapse, Arkansas State Health Department: Mandatory Vaccines Are Constitutional, House Passes the 1,200-page Climate Bill that Congress was Not Allowed to Read, The Population Reduction Agenda For Dummies, Obama Depopulation Policy Exposed, Thought Crime Bills Threaten Talk Radio, New World Order Rams Through Sham Cap & Trade Bill, North Korean Missile Threat: Made in the USA , Iran: Much ado about nothing?, The Big Whorehouse On The Potomac ja Will Your ID Soon Be a Microchip Under Your Skin?. Videot: The Alex Jones Show 1/3:Bankster Holiday Planned for September?: A B C, Bob Chapman on Alex Jones Tv 1/2:Bank "Holiday" Coming??: A B, The Alex Jones Show 1/3:Obama Claims CIA Involvement In Iran "Patently False": A B C, Pro-Lifer Mark Crutcher on Alex Jones Tv 1/6:Illegal Activites Inside The Abortion Industry !!: A B C D E F, Webster Tarpley on Alex Jones Tv 1/11:What's Next for The NWO?: A B C D E F G H J K L, The Alex Jones Show 1/4:Congress Just Raised Your Tax Bill with HR 2454 !!: A B C D, Alex Jones Tv:Home of The Slave "RANT!!!", Alex Jones Show {Sunday Edition} 1/8:It's Time to Take A Stand America!!!: A B C D E F G H, Wayne Madsen on Alex Jones Tv 1/4:Cap & Trade/Tax $ Report: A B C D, The Alex Jones Show 1/2:The Measure of A Man!: A B, Alan Watt on Alex Jones Tv 1/4:Who is Maurice Strong?: A B C D, Alan Watt on Alex Jones Tv 1/7:Eugenics Plan for America Underway & on Schedule: A B C D E F G, Paul Watson on Alex Jones Tv 1/3:Destabilization of The World Using"The Taliban/Al-Qaeda Forces": A B C, Bob Chapman on Alex Jones Tv 1/7:John Kerry Says Senate Will PASS The Cap & Trade/Tax Bill !!!: A B C D E F G, Alex Jones Tv:NLE 09 4th of July "RANT", Alex Jones Show {Sunday Edition} 1/8:Total Land Grab (California) by The Banksters is Underway!: A B C D ja Alex Jones Show {Sunday Edition} 5/8:Today's Guest"Max Keiser": A B C D.

Max Keiserin blogi ja Max Keiser TV YouTubessa: Videoita viimeisen kuukauden ajalta; On the Edge with Max Keiser - 05 June 2009 (pt 1 of 3): A B C, On the Edge with Max Keiser - 12 June 2009 (pt 1 of 2): A B, On the Edge with Max Keiser - 19 June 2009 (pt 1 of 4): A B C D, On the Edge with Max Keiser - 26 June 2009 (pt1 of 4): A B C D ja On the Edge with Max Keiser - 03 July 2009 (pt1 of 4): A B C D.

Adam Kokeshin vanha blogi ja uusi blogi. Merkintöjä uudesta blogista: It's Here!, Obama's Candor Refreshing, His Policies, Not So Much, Independence Day message, Fascism As The Dominant Paradigm Is Doomed ja Adam Kokesh Announces Bid for Congress.

Vision Victory Channel: Huomio; Tämä sivusto on uudistunut ja vaihtanut paikkaa YouTubessa.

EarthLastHope: Huomio; Tämä sivusto on poistettu YouTubesta ja näin ollen kaikki laittamani linkit tämän kaverin juttuihin on menetetty. Taas esimerkki saatanallisesta sensuroinnista.

Käymälä: Markku Heikkisen poikien bisnes, Olla ihminen - Olla henkien kanssa, Eräs hyvin selkeä filosofia, jonka ilmastonmuutos osoitti vääräksi, Ayn Randi, Nietzsche ja Aldous Huxley ja Nietzsche ja totaalinen mielisairaus, jossa meidät pakotetaan elämään.

Lars Ostermanin "Suomen talousdemokraattinen puolue" -blogi: Goldman Sachs - vedätysten ja huijausten maailmanmestari, Prof Ravi Batra: An Economic Democracy Revolution on its way ja Nousussa: Velat ja Valheet.

BreakTheMatrix: YouTube -videot ja sivusto.

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Gerald Celenten Trends Research Institute

Alan Wattin Cutting Through The Matrix.

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