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Geopoliittinen vastakkainasettelu jatkaa eskaloitumistaan: Ekonomisia, militaristisia ja viherfasistisia merkkejä transatlanttisen eliitin pahuudesta

Tällä viikolla on ollut meneillään sekä NATO:n huippukokous Chicagossa että G8 -maiden johtajien huippukokous Camp Davidissä, mitkä ovat valamassa valheellista ja itsepetoksellista uskoa transatlanttisen eliitin ja kätyriensä kykyyn pitää käsissään luomaansa imperiaalista, moraalitonta, taloususkonnollista ja rappioitunutta ekonomispoliittista hirviötä. Tämä sattuu globaalin geopolitiikan kannalta erittäin strategisten prosessien etenemisvuohon, jossa on kuitenkin edelleen ratkaisematta se, kumpi käänne ottaa lopullisen vallan lähitulevaisuudessa nimenomaan transatlanttisessa piirissä: Pankkiiri-oligarkkidiktatuurin neofeodaalijunttauksesta aiheutuva sivilisaation tuho vai sitä vastustavien voimien promotoima neorenessanssi sivilisaation pelastamiseksi ja kehittämiseksi...

LaRouche -liike on tarkkana seurannut näitä geopoliittisia ominaisuuksia ja tapahtumia, joista poimin viime päiviltä oleellisia otteita tähän muistiin muutamin keskeisin lainauksin ko. sisällöistään:

Taloususkonto ja oligarkkinen periaate yhteiskuntien neofeodalismiin ajamiseksi vs. humaanit raha- ja Glass-Steagall -reformistit yhteiskuntien demokraattiseksi kehittämiseksi -->

British are Panicked That "The Dam is Breaking" On Their Financial System: "The elephant in the kitchen at the Camp David G8 summit, was the fact that the British Empire's entire trans- Atlantic financial system is in meltdown, with runs on banks already underway in a number of nations, accompanied by shrill calls for "unimaginably large" hyper-inflationary bailouts issuing from the mouths of London's freaked out policy-makers and financial elite.".

"With this elephant tromping around in the kitchen, the G8 leaders barely managed to cobble together a final communiqué which is a bunch of self-contradictory gobbledygook with something for everyone in it ("we are for both growth and austerity"), while signifying absolutely nothing.".

Banks Start Falling in Eurozone Crash: "The Eurozone banks, loaded with perhaps five trillion euros of bad debts, were starting to slide visibly toward the abyss of a new bank crash yesterday — one that continues to be fraudulently described in nearly all media as a "Greek," "peripheral nation" or "EU breakup" crisis rather than the huge bank blowout that it is.".

"The shrill cries against "euro breakup" coming from all media quarters are also intended to strengthen Barack Obama's hand when he tries to give orders to German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the G8 meeting beginning in Camp David, Maryland. Sources report that the G8 will really be nothing else than a crisis summit on the Eurozone's bank debt dilemma.".

Momentum for Glass-Steagall Drives Speculators Over the Edge!: "The new worldwide momentum for Glass-Stegall, in light of JPM Chase's escalating losses ($5 billion mooted on page 1 of the Wall Street Journal today), coupled with the looming bankruptcies of Greece and Spain, and the demise of the EU, has prompted some borderline insane "pushback" on Massachusetts Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren's recent decision to champion Glass-Steagall.".

"The value of mortgage-backed securities plummeted in 2008 not because those securities were traded, but because too many of the mortgages ... backing those securities were poorly underwritten... The notion that we can legislate or regulate risk out of banks is absurd. Banks are in the risk-taking business. Their job in the economy is to take risks. That means that even well-managed, well-regulated banks staffed by very smart people occasionally make mistakes and sustain losses... The proper response ... is to require adequate capital, impose vigilant supervision, and allow banks that make big mistakes to fail.".

Lyndon LaRouche characterized this as a "totally absurd statement.".

Italian Stock Market Regulator Calls for Banking Separation: "Italian stock exchange regulator Giuseppe Vegas departed from his written speech at the annual meeting with stock market traders on May 14, to call for reintroducing banking separation. Separating investment banks from commercial banks, Vegas said after pointing to the JPMorgan case, "would lead to a better knowledge of risks and to defining more targetted cautious rules." ".

"Vegas also called for banning certain categories of derivatives. "Lawmakers and authorities have the duty to prevent [financial innovation] from becoming a mechanism that burns family savings" and "must not be intellectually hindered from putting a simple prohibition on harmful products and practices, inclusively to avoid systemic fallout." ".

Transatlanttisen eliitin imperiaalinen militarismi oligarkkisen monetarismin apuna vs. kansallisvaltioperiaate yhteiskunnallispoliittisen ja ekonomisen itsemääräämisoikeuden turvaajana yhteishyvällisyyden viljelemiseksi -->

Medvedev Warns of War: Obama Must Go Now! ja Medvedev Warns: Violation of National Sovereignty May Lead to "Nuclear War": "On the eve of his trip to the United States, where he will meet with President Barack Obama, Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev delivered an unequivocal message to Obama and his NATO cohorts, who are threatening to intervene with regime-change operations in Syria, Iran, and elsewhere: Such actions can lead to "full-scale wars, even with nuclear weapons." ".

Venäjän pääministeri Dmitri Medvedevin varoituspuheen keskeiset osat: "I would like to emphasise that we need to act in unison against such modern global challenges as the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, international terrorism, organised transnational crime, drug trafficking, and the threat of natural and man-made disasters. We can achieve this only through the collective efforts of states based on undeviating respect for the supremacy of law. ... ".

"Particularly dangerous, in my view, are unilateral actions made in violation of the fundamental principles of the Charter of the United Nations, which is the main venue where the international community brings it problems. In fact, this is the only venue we have, even though some may not like it. But it truly is the only venue. And we understand that the UN Charter calls for respecting the supreme power of law and the sovereignty of states.".

"One more thing that I believe is important, considering my experience in politics, is the concept of state sovereignty. It should not be undermined even if for the sake of achieving some immediate political gain, including an election to a particular post. Such attempts threaten global order. There have been many recent examples of the concept of state sovereignty being undermined. Military operations against foreign states bypassing the United Nations; declarations of illegitimacy of certain political regimes on behalf of foreign states rather than the people of the country involved and imposing various collective sanctions, again bypassing international institutions, are some of them. This does not improve the situation in the world, while rash military interference in the affairs of another state usually results in radicals coming to power. Such actions, which undermine state sovereignty, can easily lead to full-scale regional wars even—I am not trying to scare anyone here—with the use of nuclear weapons. Everybody should remember this especially when we analyse the concept of state sovereignty." ".

London to NATO Summit: Do Not Blink on The BDM; The Russians are "Not Militarily Significant": "On the eve of the summit, the London Economist published a policy piece saying that NATO and the U.S. should not heed Russian strategic warnings, but should stick to a hard line. The article, "Rethink the reset: NATO should not give in to Russian aggression," is a mixture of dangerously foolish bluffing and suicidal idiocy.".

Medvedev Hands Obama a Letter From Putin, at Camp David Summit: "At a bilateral meeting with Barack Obama at the Camp David G8 summit, Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev gave Obama a letter which President Vladimir Putin sent him, and "that stipulates Russia's priorities in the foreign policy course." RIA Novosti reported on this, but provided no further details on the content of the letter.".

Neofeodalisoiva, kansanmurhainen ja eugeniikkainen viherfasismi oligarkkisen periaatteen - rahatalousdiktatuurin tukena vs. humaani ja edistyksellinen kasvu neorenessanssilliseksi sekä ympäristön että ihmiskunnan hyväksi -->

The LaRouche Show: Argentina to Rio+20 Earth Summit in June, 'No to the Green Economy!': "The government of Argentina under President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, at the upcoming Rio+20 Earth Summit in June, will say, "No to the green economy," according to ministerial-level officials, speaking two days ago in Buenos Aires at a forum of the Youth for Sustainable Environment. This bombshell was reported on today's LaRouche Show by Emiliano Andino and Natalie Lovegren, leaders of the LaRouche movement in the South Atlantic, speaking from Buenos Aires. (see www.larouchista.com)".

"Lovegren pointed out that this stance is exactly opposite that which prevailed in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, when all the Ibero-American nations, then under the sway of neo-liberal government policies, had to swallow the green lies. They were concerned with money, not truth. But now, the shift is underway.".

"Andino and Lovegren, during the ensuing discussion, made concrete the process of the rejection of the neo-liberal paradigm in Argentina, and restoration of actions in the interest of national sovereignty. There is a growing understanding of the capacity of winning against the enemies of humanity.".

"The leading edge of this transformational process is the commitment to science and technology, and cultural optimism of the population. A broad picture of this was presented, with exciting details. There is work underway for a 4th generation modular nuclear power plant design. There is a commitment to advanced R&D in bio-science, including with agricultural applications. Among the national goals, is to double food production in a short period of time. China is collaborating on advances in agriculture and mining.".

"On the matter of the Malvinas, Lovegren pointed out that you are seeing the most explicit expression of the difference beytween a republic and an empire. Moreover, the British are not merely holding on to some island property, wrongly stolen from Argentina: they are conducting militarization of the entire south Atlantic.".

World Wildlife Fund 'Living Planet Report 2012' Demands Dead Human Population: "As part of the new offensive by the Club of Rome and imperial Schellnhuber crowd, the World Wildlife Fund Monday released its latest Living Planet Report 2012, based on the fraud of the "ecological footprint," another term for fixed resources. The report claims that humanity's "pressure" on nature to supply its needs would require 1.5 planets in order for Earth's "biocapacity" to recover each year. If that continues, mankind by 2030 would need two planets and by 2050 almost three.".

"But all of this idiotic "Tavistalk" aside, the genocidalists at the World Wildlife Fund make sure their footprint is in jackbooted lockstep with the Royal Society's anti-population drive, writing: "Human population dynamics are a major driving force behind environmental degradation. One aspect of this is the overall size of the global population, which has more than doubled since 1950 — to 7 billion in 2011 and is forecast to reach just over 9.3 billion people by 2050.".

This is completely quackery, as we know — used to justify destruction of production and consequent destruction of population. The contrast of the ideologically defined "ecological footprint," to Lyndon LaRouche's scientific concept of defining the increase of relative potential population density, by increasing energy-flux densities, as the measure and motor of successful economic policy, could not be more clear. Our material provides ample opportunity to clean up the environment from such slime-mold.

Lopuksi havainnollistettuun tilanteeseen liittyvää täydentävää ja syventävää aineistoa viime ajoilta koosteena sekä LaRouche -liikkeen sivustolta että muista lähteistä -->

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