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Pankkiirioligarkian ja monetarisminsa luoma rahan katala valhe monitahoisesti paljastettavana: Mm. Damon Vrabelin luentovideot uusintana

Nyt minulla on suuri ilo ja kunnia esitellä iso paketti hienoja yhteenvetoja ja analyysejä pankkiirioligarkian eli keskuspankkikartellin ja heidän monetarisminsa pahuudesta ja rahanvaltavalheestaan kansallisvaltioiden ja niiden väestöjen turmioksi sekä ratkaisuista ko. ongelmiin syöstä moinen pankkiirioligarkia vallasta velattoman valtiollisen rahajärjestelmän luomiseksi tilalle!

Aineistot eivät sisällä tällä kertaa LaRouche -liikkeen näkemystä, mutta näitäkin nyt esiteltäviä tietopaketteja on kuitenkin hyvä verrata myös LaRouche -maailmankuvaan, jotta ylin mahdollinen kokonaisnäkemys on mahdollista muodostaa! Itse tulen jatkossa sopivissa väleissä näin tekemäänkin myös näiden aineistojen pohjalta.

Kaikkein ensimmäisenä näistä muista tietopaketeista esittelen onnekkaasti uudestaan löydettyjen Damon Vrabelin rahan valheen perinpohjaisesti paljastavien luentovideoiden pohjalta viime vuonna tekemäni laajan yhteenveto-analyysini. Nyt Damonin videot ovat laitettuna uudestaan paikoilleen ko. tekstiini ja voitte taas tankata sitä Damonin hyvin hienolla tavalla konkreettisten ja kuvaavien havainnollistusten kera! Myös LaRouche -maailmankuvaan on vertauksia ko. tekstissäni --->

Damon Vrabelin vakuuttava opetusvideosarja keskuspankkikartellin ja monetarismin haittaluonteesta: Pitkä analyysi-yhteenveto.

Seuraavat sisällöt olen löytänyt jälleen kerran Facebookin muiden raha-aktivistien postausten perusteella:

Banking - the Greatest Scam on Earth YouTube -video --> Tämä sisältö on ytimekkyydessään ja havainnollistavuudessaan eräs parhaimmista näkemistäni videoista purkamaan auki pankkiirioligarkian ja heidän rahan valheensa luonne ja menetelmät! Siksi poiminkin siitä alle tärkeimmät kohdat suorina lainauksina. Loput katveeseen jättämäni sisällöt ovat myös katsomisen arvoisia:

Kertaus pankkiirioligarkian monetarismista eli rahan valheellisesta luonteesta monetaristisena neofeodalismia luovana ihmiskunnan vastaisena aseena:

"1. Private bankers create money out of nothing
2. And charge interest on it
3. No money created for the interest payments
4. Inflation steals purchasing power".

Ko. velkapyramidiponzihuijauksen ja imperiaalisen rikollisuuden ylläpitämiseksi seuraavat tahot ovat olleet tihutyöapuna:

"Paid-for politicians and Appointed Civil Servants
Military Industrial Complex
Mainstream Media
Multinational Corps.
Banker's buddies".

Pankkiirioligarkian hallinnassa oleva valtavirtamedia osallistuu aivopesemään kansalaisille pankkiirioligarkian sisällön päinvastaisen valheelliseksi maailmanpelastuseetokseksi seuraavasti ja pakottaa sen perusteella mielenmanipulaatiollaan näkemään harhaanjohtavien pankkiirioligarkiaa edesauttavien petos- ja tuhomenetelmien muka tarpeellisuuden ja muka väistämättömyyden:

"Bankers are our saviors
He's the man of the year
He saved the world
Bankers really do deserve their bonuses!!!
What do our Banker-owned, G20 politicians say we need to do???
We must save our banking system!
Now we need...
Austerity Measures, like?
Increasing existing taxes and bringing in new taxes
Cutting our social programs including:
Education and health care
Stealing from our pension plans, while increasing the retirement age, keeping us working for more years at lower wages
Placing our children and grandchildren in debt and servitude for their future lives
We are being lied to, that we must go deeper in debt for,
Bailouts, Stimulus packages, Quantitative Easing, Saving the "Too Big To Fail" banks, Credit Easing and Currency Interventions --->
All names that mean the same thing: More debt to us!
Is it not strange that the solution to too much debt is always...
More debt!!!!
And where is all this money going?
It's going to the banks and the bankers!!!
0,01% of the world's population own 66% of the world's wealth!". Jne. --> Katsokaa video!

Ratkaisuja pankkiirioligarkian moisen rahanvallan lopettamiseksi:

"Wake up, get active and wake others
Remove our money from the banks
Buy gold and silver coins
Get Out of debt, rip up credit cards
Only wote for politicians who support debt free money, or run for office yourself
Turn off mainstream media to search for the truth (While your still can)
And support every effort to end the fed and all the privately-owned central banks".

Tämän seuraavan sisällön anti kuvaa myös erinomaisesti pankkiirioligarkian ja rahan valheensa luonnetta:

The Black Swan is on the Wing: Les Visiblen ääneen kertomana YouTube -videossa. Löydettynä tekstiversionakin blogista Reflections in a Petri Dish: The Black Swan in on the Wing -->

Suora kokonainen lainaus ko. tekstiversiosta: "It is morning here, so there’s no news to speak of yet. But there will be. It’s clear as crystal that the root of all evil is exactly that and those in whom it is blooming are the enemy of humanity. The bankers are the problem. The bankers manufacture recessions and depressions to exert a greater control over social and political structures. The bankers create and finance the wars on both sides of the conflicts. The bankers orchestrate famine, poverty and want. The bankers control the policies that control the media and the education system that is operated to maintain ignorance in the public so that they can be shorn like sheep. The bankers launder the drug money and keep drugs illegal. The bankers are the problem.

The international banker is the scum of the Earth and they have to be brought to account. What will accomplish this? There are several possibilities. One of them is a real run on Wall Street, where the public goes into their offices and dispenses frontier justice on their person. The other is some kind of cosmic intrusion of forces that I won’t begin to speculate on and the other is some kind of financial miracle in which they actually wind up broke but I don’t know how something like that would work. The most likely is a combination of the first two, where the second channels through the first. Once the cost of food, lodging and fuel hits a certain point, the public will be universally galvanized by the force that builds up from the pressure of their asses against the wall.

We can be there in a few days. Once the system begins to collapse, it will have its own speed of free fall and things will move at a spectacular rate of change. It will be like the way weather can suddenly transform in the South Seas. At the point when this begins to occur the probability of global conflict will accelerate to maximum thrust. This is the primary truth about imperial currency activity, when the money goes south, violent attention goes east.

Yes, maybe it will all just limp along on crutches, while plastered with Band-Aids but that goes contrary to the mathematics. You can spread the numbers only so thinly or you can only press them together so much and you’re going to get holes appearing in the net all over the place or you are going to get implosion. Do I have any idea of what I am talking about? It is possible that I do not. There’s an area where allegorical poetry gains a mystical influx of metaphysical certainty that is no different from theoretical physics, where theory is just another word for things we don’t want to accept as inevitable. Maybe freedom’s just another word for no one left to screw.

It stands to reason that sooner or later, the public will have no further option but to declare open season on the bankers. They’ll be hunted down as the ‘be all and end all’ of everything dangerous and wrong. They are a plague and a pestilence as bad as any epidemic. They are the whiskey and yellow fever blankets on the reservations of ordinary life. They are anthrax masquerading as Sweet and Low. They are the long standing source of the majority of humanities problems and have little competition except for the ubiquitous presence of ignorance and impossible dreams. Whoever these bankers are that is who they are.

When the shit hits the fan, as it is going to do at any moment, the guilt of the bankers is going to stand out like zits on a beauty queen. The transformation in the mind of the public is going to be immediate. People watch the news and though it is nothing more than garbage and lies, the players have all been seen there. They’ve been seen in Congress and they’ve been seen wherever the lies created to defend them have been publicized. They are a known quantity.

There is no argument of any kind that can be used to generate sympathy for the bankers, who are either behind or finance every outrage against the public that is in existence. Now their day is at hand and they show no signs of having any kind of a clue. They sit at their vanities and admire their image like Marie Antoinette. They whoop it up like Louis the sixteenth in Versailles, surrounded by gold leaf wallpaper and sycophants, while they diddle the sons and daughters of a dying empire that they brought to this pass.

There is mercy to be found here but none of it can be for the bankers who have acted with none, in their intentional efforts to beggar, mutilate, maim and destroy anyone and everyone who is not them. That mercy is for the public who like Lefty, “only did what he had to do”.

I try to get my heart and my head around it. I try to see an out for everyone but the only out I can see for the bankers is, ‘out of our lives’ and marched still living through the Gates of Hell, where they can reunion with the banker in chief. I’m not the judge or executioner. I’m an observer who’s never had enough money to even think about banks in the first place. People like me aren’t all that affected by changes in conditions, where we don’t own anything in the first place. There’s no house to take, no job to lose, no salary attending it, no car in my name, no stocks or bonds, no savings or loans. How do I do it? I rely on invisible means of support and you can argue all you like about the feasibility and actuality of it, it is and it works. I don’t recommend it for anyone who can’t generate the faith to make it so, by having gone through what is required to possess and generate it. I do work all the time and I collect nothing from the government or society for my upkeep, so let’s not bring that up.

I’ve had jobs and cared for myself and others on the way to here but no job or possession has had the pull to saddle me to the system. When the choice had to be made, then whatever got cut loose rather than tightly grasped. Now the bankers tightly grasp what is going to turn into flaming coals in their hands. Judgment is going to cry out from the Earth they walk upon and have plundered at will. That will is now going to be drained away into fear and apprehension. Their fortress walls are going to fall away. Their protectors are going to turn on them. Their holdings are going to dissolve and spill from their fingers like a handful of sand. I wouldn’t want to be a banker today, or on any other day.

The existence of a system has kept them safe. This corrupt system has allowed for some kind of life for those preyed upon until now. Now it has turned upon those whose compliance had been forthcoming for so long. Soon that compliance will be gone and there are not enough police and armies to quell what is going to rise out of the midst. Maybe I’m wrong about this but like everything else, we’ll see.".

Viimeisenä tarjoan erittäin mielenkiintoisella tavalla optimistisen kirjoituksen, joka tähdentää edistysaskelien ilmaantumista globaaliin geopolitiikkaan ja ekonomiseen ajatteluun tuhota tämä pankkiirioligarkinen pahuus! Kyseessä on Benjamin Fulfordin blogissa julkaistu kirje, joka on havaitsevinaan maailman päättäjien keskuudessa viime aikoina ilmennyttä tietoisuuden kasvua pankkiirioligarkian tihutöistä ja halua alkaa toimimaan sen kitkemiseksi pois. Hmmm., toivottavasti tämä pitäisi paikkaansa!...... Toisaalta olen minäkin alkanut havaitsemaan jotain siihen suuntaan; tutkikaapa vaikkapa Tanskan parlamenttivaaleissa tällä viikolla voittaneen vasemmiston poliittista sisältöä... --->

BenjaminFulford: Neil Keenan and Keith Scott ja Kauilapele's Blog: Benjamin Fulford, 9-14-11…Letter received from NK & KS…”We are on the cusp of a whole new era for the world” --->

Ko. kirjeen sisällön avainkohtia suorana lainauksena tuosta jälkimmäisestä blogikirjoituksesta: "The meeting between the 57 Finance Ministers… is beginning to quietly emerge as a powerful and dynamic shift in Global Economics and potentially in Global Politics…

Presidents and Prime Ministers of countries who have sided with the Banking Cabal, are now already jumping ship and supporting the growing movement toward proper financial management of the Global Accounts around the World.

A cataclysmic shift in both Global Politics and Economics is now well under way.

Governments are starting to wise up to what are the underlying causes of financial disaster around the World. Their response is simple and if it could be paraphrased it would be “It is time to get these bums who think they run the world from behind closed doors and drown them like the rats they are”.

This now means that those, who in their arrogance sought to dominate and control the masses through their subterfuge and fraud, have deluded themselves into a corner from where there is now no escape for them.

When the OITC member became friends with the White Dragon Society, not enemies, that friendship was based on doing what is right and best for the world even in the face of the darkest and most blatant threats against their lives.

The plan calls for a complete reigning in of the banks and to force them to work according to their Charters… In America, it has been estimated that the US Debt could be eliminated with less than four years through this one device.

It is estimated that taxes on the people could be reduced heavily and in many cases eliminated… by forcing Banks to pay back to Treasury what they have been stealing in almost every country.

Once the accounts are in the hands of men who will ensure they are used as they should be, then the problems the world faces today in the disenfranchisement of the working middle class will cease.

We are on the cusp of a whole new era for the world.".

Aivan lopuksi tuosta Benjamin Fulfordin blogitekstin alkuperäisestä sisällöstä parhain oma lainaukseni kokonaiskuvan ilmentämiseksi:

"A cataclysmic shift in both Global Politics and Economics is now well under way. World Governments are coming to understand how the Global Banking System is systematically looting entire economies through theft, fraud, deception and manipulation, which in turn forces Governments to raise taxes that citizens should not have to pay.".

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