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Lyndon LaRouchen hätä-webcast -seminaari 6.2.2012: "The Threats We Must Conquer: Nobody Will Survive This War"

Tämä viikko on ollut erittäin aktiivinen LaRouche -liikkeen LaRouche PAC -sivustolla, missä tärkein tapahtuma oli viime maanantaina Lyndon LaRouchen hätä-webcast -seminaari maailman tilanteen yhä pahenevan eskaloitumisen takia! Otan sen tähän esille erikseen osiin purettuna ja tämä on myös sopivaa jatkoa hiljattaiselle edelliselle Lyndonin webcast -seminaarille (Lyndon LaRouchen webcast -seminaari 18.1.2012 ja LaRouche -liikkeen tieteen, ekonomian ja politiikan aineistoa). Tämän hätäseminaarin oheen Lyndon kirjoitti tekstinä muutamia huomioita, jotka otan tässä samalla esille tarkasteltavaksi myöhempää käyttöä varten.

Listaan lisäksi tämän loppuun tältä helmikuulta täydentäväksi tausta-aineistoksi LaRouche -liikkeen videosisältöjä, joissa taas kerran koko kirjo teesejä, analyysejä ja havaintoja politiikasta ekonomian kautta tieteeseen esittäytyy ja koostaa LaRouche -liikkeen agendan tehonyrkiksi oligarkkisen transatlantin eliitin sydämeen humaanin ja parantavan kokonaisagendan tullakseen ko. pahuuden tilalle.

Maanantailta 6.2.2012: "The Threats We Must Conquer: Nobody Will Survive This War." (Hätä -webcast) -->

Keynote Address

Question 1: How Can We Transition from a Monetary System to a Credit System?

Question 2: Creative Survival vs. "Creative Destruction"

Question 3: How Can Russia be Freed from the Monetarist Trap?

Question 4: Could We Find a 'Silver Lining' in a Romney Presidency?

Question 5: Consequences of the Fall of Assad.

Tekstinä Lyndon LaRouchen avainhuomioita maailman tilanteesta hätäwebcastin oheen lyhyesti selitettynä: The Threats We Must Conquer. Tekstin lainaus seuraavaksi kokonaisena -->

"By Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
February 6, 2012

There are presently two, immediately great threats to the entirety of our planet:

1. A generally accelerating, combined monetary and physical economic-breakdown of the planet, an economic crisis centered in the Atlantic region.

2. The immediate threat of a general thermonuclear-fusion attack on most of the planet as a whole, led by the British empire and its puppet-President of the United States, the mad lunatic Barack Obama.

3. For the economic crisis, there are remedies, for the actions at war of President Barack Obama, there is nothing as much as an extinction, launched through a full-scale preemptive thermo-nuclear attack on Russia, China and other targets, with built-in design of globally preemptive methods of extermination consistent with the British monarchy’s avowed intention to reduce the world’s human population from seven billions persons, to not more than one billion.

4. THE OTHER CHALLENGE, presuming that the thermonuclear intention of the British monarchy and its American puppet-President Obama were averted, is the urgency of replacing an incurably bankrupt trans-Atlantic monetarist system of western and central Europe and North America, by a virtually global shift of economic policy from the presently, hopeless bankrupted monetarist systems to the combination of a correction defined by U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt’s original Glass-Steagall principle, combined with the institution of a system of national economies defined by systems of national credit based on the intention of national banking adopted under the original Federal Constitution of the United States, eliminating monetarist systems.

5. This system of trans-national credit should pick up President Franklin Roosevelt’s intention for a post-World War II fixed-exchange-rate system of economy.

6. The matter of the worthless merchant-banking systems.

7. The case of both the newly emerging Arctic development of the world’s economy.

8. The case of the immediate restoration of the NASA space-exploration, with a manned development of an operation base on the Moon, and the development of a future manned flight, driven by thermonuclear fusion, reaching Mars within a week’s span.

9. A space-defense program organized among cooperating nations to present catastrophes such as the extinction of the human species on Earth by something such as an asteroid.

10. A program of development of the mastery of matter-anti-matter systems which will increase the accessibility of distant reaches of the Solar System, and beyond for future mankind.".

Lisäksi täydentävänä sisältökimarana seuraavat LaRouche -videot tältä helmikuulta -->

LPAC Weekly Report 8.2.2012.

LaRouche on Alex Jones · February 10, 2012: "Lyndon LaRouche was interviewed on the Alex Jones show live Friday for over an hour.".

On The Brink Of Thermonuclear War: "Thermonuclear war is now an immediate reality. The US nuclear missile-filled submarines movement onto the pacific coast in the context of the removal of any major opposition of Obama in the Federal Government could mean nuclear war in months if not weeks."

LaRouche & The Slate: The Economic System, Pt 5: "The 5th installment in a series of dialogues between Lyndon LaRouche and the Federal Slate of LaRouche Democrat Congressional Candidates. The complete Economic System series can be found by clicking here.".

Window to Space: "Any planetary recovery must necessarily begin by examining the economic principles which underlie the difference between a successful and unsuccessful economic policy. In particular, we must first elaborate the characteristics of a self-developing system -- one whose evolution is entirely governed by its internal relations, not subject to any fixed outside metric. Then we will look at the case of Russia, where it stands now, and the where the current proposal for Arctic development fits within a self-developing system." ---> Erikseen videosta irrotettuna: Window to Space Excerpt: Energy Flux Density: "Clip from the upcoming LPACTV Feature: Window to Space. This is a brief animated pedagogy of our heuristic diagrams on Energy Flux Density. Window to Space will air on on February 7th.".

Prime Time Report • The British Are The Losers: "The British are not demanding hyperinflation, attacking Iran and Syria, and launching thermo-nuclear war because they’re winning. They’re doing it because they’re losing.".

Kesha Rogers Reports from University of Houston Climate Change Event: "Kesha Rogers intervenes at Fred Singer's Debunking Anthropogenic Global Warming event: Yes AGW is a fraud, but debunking it is not an 'issue,' it's the antithesis of man's natural role in the universe."

Prime Time Report • Is Extinction Inevitable or Your Choice?: "The possible full extinction of the human species is the reality we face. A reality the Democratic Party has decided not to face, but to endorse with their unwillingness to challenge Barack Obama’s presidential bid, but a reality which was firmly addressed by Mr. Lyndon LaRouche in his urgent national address last night.".

Prime Time Report • Thermonuclear War, or Alpha Centauri?: "With the threat of extinction this real with the drive for nuclear war, is the democratic party really going to fold to Obama? Are they really that gutless where in the face of this, they’d rather stick their head between their legs and chant party unity? But worse, are we going to accept the idea that the democratic choice has to be our choice?".

The Next Step in Science: Anti-Matter: "LPAC TV's Hector Rivas interviews LPAC Research Team Member Cody Jones on the deadly lack of vision in the Democratic Party.".

Extinction or Inception?: "The immediate survival of mankind relies entirely on mankind's willful forced extinction of the evil system of empire.".

Who We Fight: The Complete Series: "The compilation of the entire Who We Fight Mini-series, an illustration of the operations of the British Empire against the United States, in the period of 1941-1968.".

Interview on the Sun - Richard Altrock: "Peter Martinson interviewed Dr. Richard Altrock, of the Air Force Research Laboratory, back on December 7, 2011 at the American Geophysical Union's Fall Meeting in San Francisco. Altrock is a heliophysicist, who specializes in observations of the solar corona. Back in July, 2011, he and three other groups issued a forecast that the Sun was not only headed into a late, weak solar cycle, but that this may be the last time we get to see any significant sunspots on the Sun for, perhaps, several decades. You can see a summary of that forecast here. In this interview, Altrock updates that forecast, and adds a surprising twist.
Dr. Altrock's views are not the official position of the United States Air Force.

The Grand Minimum: "We repost this weather report from August 20, 2011, in order to review where we are in the galactic cycle.

Peter Martinson presents the June 2011 announcement by the American Astronomical Society, about the future of our Sun, within the context of a creative universe. The Sun is not random, and neither is our planet's relationship to it. So, our governments must quit posturing, and do something about it! For background material, please see:

Richard Altrock,
"Coronal Fe XIV Emission During the Whole Heliosphere Interval Campaign"(Here is an update by Dr. Altrock!)

Rachel Howe, et al.,
"The Torsional Oscillation and the New Solar Cycle"

Matthew Penn & William Livingston,
"Long-term Evolution of Sunspot Magnetic Fields" ".

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